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The Month of Giving 


December is the month of giving. With this in mind, I have a little proposition for you. 


I want to open the doors of, I am inviting you to submit content for December. This is particularly focused on the LGBTQ+ arena for members of the community and our allies. 


We are constantly being told our existence isn’t valid, and for Trans and Non-Binary people that who we are just doesn’t exist, this has been compounded by countless articles and debates on our very existence.


2018 has been a car crash of feelings and emotions for so many in the community, myself included. 

month of giving_dsktp.jpg

When it comes to approaching the discourse that surrounds us, it is important to make sure you use your voice, and if you have a platform; to use it. The best way to show the world that we are valid and that we exist is to TELL THEM. This is why I am giving you the opportunity to do just that, I have a platform and I am using it. 


I would love to showcase who we are by publishing art, creative word pieces, think pieces, personal essays and general queer excellence. So what are you waiting for, send it over. 


You can email me on, direct message me or send me a carrier pigeon. 


The deadline for submissions is Monday the 26th of November. 

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