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Yes Darling, It’s Me !!!

Hello to you dear reader and welcome to (like the fruit but not spelt that way just in case you were wondering). Introductions are always awkward so I will try not to ramble...

In a swamped market of blogs and bloggers why am I throwing my hat in the ring I hear you ask. Put simply I have a lot to say and I believe that as a creative voice I offer something different, however I will let you be the judge of that.

I am a student learning and living and offering you the chance to take a peek into my life. I won't lie, to some of you it will be very dull, but you can’t please everyone !! Cat related content will be kept to a minimum !

Starting this blog comes after a whirlwind couple of years, last year I started university after a couple of years out of education. I had so many doubts that I would not be able to cope, and that I would fail. However a year later and I have passed first year, made amazing friends and -cliché alert- found myself. I have always been afraid of failure and rejection, but in the safe and warm enclave that is UCA Epsom I have been able to test the waters of my creative abilities and it has allowed me to grow in ways I would have never believed, it has also allowed me to grow bigger due to Ben & Jerry binges (biscuits are not spoons Ben) but I digress.

My blog will feature and document all manner of things; my unique style (yes mum floral embroidered jeans do go with leopard print shoes), shopping, advice, creative projects, food and more. It may well be rocky to begin with as I start, but I want to enjoy this process as much as you enjoy interacting with my site.

So buckle up darlings because we are off on an exciting journey of self exploration (or something corny like that).

End Scene.

What I'm wearing:

Leopard Print Loafers: ASOS

Floral Embroidered Jeans: Alice & You

Black Thin Jumper (Old): Similar

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