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August Favourites ...

So it's that stalwart of the blogger world: the monthly favourite, and is this my version. There is no rhyme or reason to these things, this is just a collection of the things that I have been loving this month. Without further ado lets get into this...

Matrix So Silver Shampoo

The eagle eyed readers may have noticed that I have blonde hair (well half of it), and much to my disappointment I am not a natural blonde *sob*. Yes I have highlights which are then treated with a toner, which I have done around every 2-3 months, but what happens when you leave the salon ?? Yes it goes yellow, as the toner (which neutralises the yellow tones in my hair) wears off as I wash my hair, the yellow tones come back. This purple shampoo uses the same principles as the toner, but is not as permanent. I use this 3-4 times a week to really keep the tone of my hair cooler rather than yellow. I get this from amazon and it is quite reasonably priced. Don't be alarmed by the very dark purple colour, it never leaves colour in your hair. Very much a favourite.

Get it here

Christine and the Queens | Chaleur Humaine

Now I must admit to you something that I am very regretful about, in a recent post I stated that I could not do digital music, this was not the full truth and for this I am very sorry. I have Amazon prime and have the music app, and so yes I can and do access digital music.

I have been loving this album this month, it is a different style to alot of the music around at the moment, I like how chilled it is, yet it still has a great vibe to it. The stand out track is Tilted, which has the genius/confusing lyric: “I’m doing my face with magic marker”. The album has a mix of french and english lyrics, and is really funky and poppy. I find it great to have on in the background and also as something to sit and really listen too.

Check Tilted out here

Charcoal Mask

One of the problems I have had for a long time is Acne prone skin. I have not yet found a complete cure, and am under no illusion that such a thing exists. However one ingredient that really helps my skin whilst cleansing is charcoal. This mask is great because it cleans my pores, and gives my skin a clean feel that sometimes can be hard to achieve without something with a really strong acid in it. This one is my current favourite from boots coming in at £3.59, whats not to love.

Get it here

Simply Nailalogical

I am a massive fan of Youtube as an alternative to television, and I am a massive fan of everything nail related (for those of you who don’t know I am a qualified Nail Tech). Very recently I came across Christine’s channel: Simply Nailogical- via her Polish Mountain Video. She is really funny, obsessed by anything holographic and she is really sweet. I love that she has such a passion for what she does. I highly recommend that you go watch her videos if not to learn nail skills just to be entertained.

Check out her channel here

L'Oréal Elvive Full Restore 5 Mask

This favourite goes hand in hand with my purple shampoo addiction and having bleached hair. My hair can get very crispy and dull. This hair mask can really restore the life back into my hair. The tub says leave it on for 3-4 minutes, don’t do that. I tend to leave it on for around an hour and I cover my head with cling film (thats a lovely image for you there) to keep the heat in my hair to help the mask work. This mask may not work for everyone but its in the same range as my normal shampoo/conditioner so it works well with my system.

Get it here

Google Photos

I am a veracious photographer with my iPhone, and within a month of having a new phone my memory was full. My photos were taking over 6GB of my phones memory, it was getting too much. I saw a buzzfeed article that recommended google photos to save space on your phone. The app takes a copy of all of your photos and videos, and then backs them up for you (15GB of storage, and the photos are compressed to keep quality but to reduce space taken) and then the app frees up space on your phone. Leaving you to just delete the photos permanently. This has freed up SO much space on my phone and has made it so much easier to capture everything I want to. You have to get this app, it will change your life.

Get it in the App store, its FREE people!!

Yorkshire Tea

It will come as no surprise that a Tea features in my favourites, I drink a lot of tea, TEA IS LIFE. However the brand has altered. My allegiances were always very firmly with PG tips, and had been for as long as I can remember. Now I am not sure if PG changed their blend or their bag material, but it just wasn’t tasting as good as it should, so we (yes this was a family led mission) went on an epic taste test of all Teas available and Yorkshire Tea was the clear winner. It is everything that I want in a cup of Tea. I cannot live without this tea and it is very firmly a favourite.


So thats it ! Everything that I have been loving in the month of August, I cannot believe that it is already September, however on a positive note, I go back to university later this month which is very exciting !! What have you been loving this past month, I would love to hear from you in the comments.

TTFN my darlings 👑

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