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Personalities you will meet in a shared house...

This Top 5 is a little different to some of my others, meaning that these are not favourites, but just 5 things grouped together !! This post is for my readers who are at university, specifically focusing on the accommodation side of uni. A subject which is less focused on that other aspects but just as important. Now I am in my second year and having moved out of my shared halls and into a shared house I have come across all sorts of people, and it's the people that really shape your living experience !!

Shared Accommodation can have its ups and downs, and really tests your limits. Now darlings you must obviously expect the odd freak out now and then, a bin rota here and there and obviously the ubiquitous never ending stream of dirty pots and pans that never abates. So buckle up kids, because this one is a rollercoaster, so without further ado it's my Top 5 personalities you will meet in a house share.

The All Night Internet Peruser

The one person you will probably never see, and you can be forgiven for even knowing you live with a All Night Internet Peruser at all, because if you are anything like me you will have completely different schedules. They’re up far beyond you and perhaps just waking as you are going to bed. Often heard laughing at memes and youtube at 3 am, the Internet Peruser can be really interesting and show you a lot of cool stuff, on the other hand you may never see them and just pass each other on the way to kitchen every now and then…

The Clean Freak

The Clean Machine is the one person you will either love or hate. They will keep the house tidy, leave all your lost things in piles with a posit note to let you know its there, wash your pots and pans when they can’t stand moving them out of the sink again and get on the backs of those not pulling their weight. Ideally found with scrubbing brush in hand pointing at dirty dishes saying "whose is this?". Whether you like it or not nearly every house has one, and I must confess to you my dear readers that in my house it is me, and god I love a bottle of bleech…

The Up and Outer

Who is that in the kitchen at 7am on Saturday cooking pasta sauce for the freezer?? Well that will be the Up and Outer in the house. Whether they are prepping their food for the week, planning a fun run or just plain busy, the main characteristic of this person is that they are always busy, whether they are training for a marathon or helping the elderly no doubt they will be filling their evenings and weekends with wholesome activities. Also the one person in the house making you feel guilty for your Friday night in with pasta and Buffy the Vampire Slayer…

The Mess Maker

This person wanders around the home, leaving detritus wherever they go. Don’t blame them, they can’t see the mess they make – it is invisible to them. Whether it’s washing, half eaten sandwiches, hand outs from lectures, or trails of cereal they just cannot see it, so try not to lose your cool over them. They are kind-hearted, just a little messy. Normally seen pursued by the Clean Freak, and making sure that no one ever sees into their room because it is where plates go to die and has no idea what a hoover is for…

The Socialiser

Every shared house has one. They’re the sociable one, who always says lets go out for a house drink/dinner/night out. If you enjoy a sociable household, then the Socialiser will be your best friend ready to hit the local Wetherspoons with you. Problems arise if you’re an early-riser or light sleeper, because chances are you’ll hear them clattering in at 4am, make sure you hold back on the group chat later…

So there you have it folks, my Top 5 house share personalities, I'm sure there will be things you recognise from experiences you've had, I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Im sure you have many more

banter /memories/nightmares/living hell moments that you'd love to share !!! If you're looking to house share then there are loads of great properties to browse over on Walton Robinson Estate Agents, go check them out...

Until next time dear reader !!

This post was in partnership with Walton Robinson Estate Agents.


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