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October Favourites...

Excuse me, October Favourites, sorry what? How on earth is it November, honestly darlings I have no idea where the time has gone, however I mustn't dwell and so we shall get into my favourites of this month.

Naked But Safe

I feel we must start with a completely new favourite, and it's a magazine !! I was recently in the Tate Modern gift shop (as you do) picking up the magazines I normally buy and my eyes rested upon this beautiful publication and I was hooked, the guy at the till was a little alarmed that I was buying 6 magazines but who cares. On a tangent, if you are into magazines and in that area of London the Tate has an excellent magazine selection and they offer student discount on everything so it's well worth your consideration. Right back to the magazine, one of the things that grabbed me was the paper stock (I'm the most exciting person you know 🙃) bear with me though, because it is so thick and screams quality. I also love when images are printed on paper like this as they have such a softness to them which is quite relaxing compared to glossy paper. Reading this back I do look slightly deranged, but it's my blog so I feel I can mutter on about paper, right move on Ben !! The content is amazing, beautiful imagery and quite fresh and innovative compared to some other titles floating about right now. I'm obsessed !!

Check their website out here

Jules and Sarah podcast

Now this favourite really is a constant but I'm committing it to this month, as I've had so many long train journeys that this podcast has really got me through. This podcast is all Jules Von Hep and Sarah Powell a hilarious duo from the North living in London, about 30-45minutes of catching up, chatting about their mums/dad and general hilariousness. It is so hard to not laugh out loud at this pair so listen at your own peril if on a packed train to Kings Cross for example. They post a new episode every week and have just celebrated a year of Podcasts with a celebratory 1st Birthday Video edition which is a must see too, there are LOADS to catch up on I highly suggest a binge of past episodes, I honestly cannot reccomend it more.

Tiger mug

Now Tiger is dangerous, for those of you who are not familiar with Tiger it is a cross between Ikea and Paperchase at super affordable prices. Thank god they don't have a website, because I would be so poor. For a recent project for uni I found my self filming in London, whilst on the hunt for sushi for my darling Claudia I found my self outside Tiger. Well I saw this mug and grabbed it, and boy am I pleased I did. Let me run down the reasons why this has changed my life:

  1. It gives constant side eye, and what is not to love about that.

  2. It is large so I can drink about 400ml of tea at a time which as a tea addict is heavenly.

  3. It was £2

  4. The shape also allows for quick cooling so I don't greedily slurp and burn my tongue, which is always inevitable.

  5. It was two English pounds people I can't stress enough how amazing this is.

Quite honestly I'm thrilled with this mug, so if it ever breaks I will also break.

The Cuckoo's Calling

I am big on reading, I think it helps me to switch off from my own life which is imperative if you are a stressed person like me. This was a suggestion from my beautiful sister Rachel, and borrowed from my Mum. For those that don't know it's written by JK Rowling I know it doesn't say that but trust me it was. It's a great story that has a good pace and plot but isn't to complicated, so winner winner chicken dinner !! Also thrilled that Mum didn't pay full price for it either ahah...

Get your copy here

Bridget Jones' Baby

Now you may or may not know dear reader that Bridget Jones' Diary is one of my most loved films, and I even really like Edge of Reason which I know a lot of people don't !! So when I heard last year they were doing another film I got so excited. However when it came out I was so busy with Uni and what have you, I never got round to it. Last week I journeyed north to spend some well needed time at home. As a treat (because the cinema is expensive these days kids!!) we went and had the best two hours I can remember in a long time. It was so funny and so fresh yet comforting that I can't recommend it more highly. Laugh out loud moments a plenty, and classic Bridget in 2016 is what we all need right now!! I'm not sure how much longer its being shown for at cinemas, but get down if you can. If not then definitely pick it up when it comes out on DVD (Which is January the 30th 2017).

Pre-Order Here

Nivea Pure and Natural Hand Cream

I feel that the weather this month has been perilous to those who suffer from ehxma and dry skin. For some reason my hands have just needed a little more help. This hand cream is great because it is light enough for quick absorption and lack of greasiness, but still really nourishing. Safe to say this hasn't been out of my sight.

Get it here

Rachel's Coconut Yoghurt

Finally we come to a food item. Fun fact I don't like coconut, I have always said this. Another fun fact my favourite shower gel is coconut, my hair treatment is coconut scented and this bloody yogurt is coconut and I ADORE it. So maybe I do like coconut, 2016 has really been the year of the bomb shell, I don't know if I can handle another. Try this yogurt it will change your life it is so creamy, light and delicious. I have it with granola and it is the best thing I put in my face at the moment.

Get it here

Wow I really went for it this month, I had coffee as I sat to write this post so perhaps I was a little veracious on the old keyboard, I do hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you have been loving this month, anything you think I should try, get in touch be social, I don't bite.

Sayonara darlings xx

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