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Spice Up Your Life...

I'm not referring to Emma, Gerri, Mel B, Mel C and Victoria. Sorry, this post is about me and how a simple colour change has affected me.

Just as the Spice Girls sang "Every boy and every girl, Spice up your life, People of the world, Spice up your life" I have made a few changes in my sartorial choices. I noticed a mini trend in my outfits so I decided to shake it to the right and go ro-ooound with my clothes. Sorry, the spice girls puns do continue...

I welcome you to an outfit with no black involved. I somehow managed to get into a rut where I focused on black; perhaps because it was easier to always reach for black as it goes with so many things. Whatever the reason I began to notice it, so I thought why not try and focus on another colour.

My new passion: Brown (which is also what the B stands for in Mel B's name). I know: I'm an obsessive through and through and swapping one thing for another doesn't actually change my behaviour, but bear with me here.

This outfit relies on neutral tones, pairing the grey of the jumper with the soft brown checked tweed and the rich chocolate suede gives this outfit a relaxed pulled together look that black couldn't do quite as well. Also having the tortoiseshell frame of my sunglasses creates a much softer effect on my face. Somehow I look happier, and trust me I feel it too.

Simple. Really quite easy. I'm sold. I know it might seem quite corny and pointless, but it has made a huge difference and gotten a lot of complements- I feel great. When you are obsessed with clothes and creating outfits (like I am), finding an outfit that makes you feel and look like you've had 15 hours of sleep it's a keeper.

Try it, you don't have to moonwalk the foxtrot or polka the salsa, just shake it shake it, shake it and spice up your life. Swapping out a couple of colours here and there could make a huge difference !!

Viva forever honey, see you soon ✌🏼


Shot by Rachel Pechey

What I’m wearng:

Coat: M&S, Similar

Jumper: M&S

Jeans: Burton

Boots: Jeffery West, Similar

Sunglasses: Celine, Similar

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