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March Favourites...

Well welcome to the END OF MARCH, we have completed 1 quarter of 2017 !!!!! So as always read on to find out what I have been loving this month…

Business Cards

As well as being a blogger and micro influencer I am a creative. So I need business cards, part of one of my projects this past year at university was to design our own business cards. My original designs can be seen here, they were double screen printed in a manner that nearly killed me- you only know the true pressures of the print room if you’ve been there !!! Well a friend referred me to Moo, where you can design all manner of business cards, right up to the thickness of the card and whether you emboss certain letters. Well I opted to upload my design and it could not have been easier !! They came promptly and have such a quality feel to them- I am rather thrilled !!

Mango Bag

When I was deciding what to wear for fashion week, I decided that I needed a decent smaller bag. So off I went trawling the internet and I rediscovered Mango. Well let me tell you, they are absolutely killing it this season. I could have bought so many things. However, I went for this cross body beauty. I like that it references the Gucci Marmont bags but doesn’t look too derivative like a lot of the other bags around the high street atm. Also it fits a suprinslgly good amount of crap in it too !! Whats not to love !!!

Get it here


It’s an odd time of year, some days are warm and some days are cold. Scrolling through ASOS last month I found this coat, I snapped it up straight away. I thought it would be super warm, however it is such a lovely light layer, so it works for warmer days. However, if it is colder more can be worn underneath too. I bloody love this coat- see more pictures in Teddy Bear’s Picnic.

P.S This coat is huge, I actually ended up ordering 3 sizes, and went for the smallest of the three because it actually drowned me. Just be warned it is extremely oversized !!

Get it here

Chanel Long Wear in Espadrilles

Okay, yes in the third favourites of the year so far, we see yet more Chanel nail polish. What can I say, other than I am ADDICTED, if you read my last post you will know why!! With Spring blooming I have moved away from my dark colours of February and gone towards bright colours hence the red and orange shades that I present to you today !! I will try to find something else to obsess about next month…

Shop Chanel Nail Polishes here


In a cost cutting strategy I have moved away from my expensive bouquets of flowers and have been loving my £1 bunches of Daffodils from M&S. This has probably been a favourite this month and last because they are just so cheerful.

Favourite Outfit

This month I loved my Furry Nice look the most, it has to be because of that coat, I cannot get enough !! Tap the image to see the full look !!

So there you have it, I will see you next month !!! Have a brilliant weekend everyone !!

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