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February Favourites

Darling we have made it to the end of February, congratulations celebrate by having PANCAKES !! It has been such a whirlwind month for me, and I have loved all the new and exciting things that I have achieved this month. So let me tell you the things that I have loved this month.

Chanel Polish in Emeraude and Roubachkha

Okay so its clear here that I have an addicton to expensive things and nail polish is no different. This is the 3rd time I have mentioned Chanel Nail Polish on These colours have hardly been off my nails. Emeraude is a deep green with a hint of metalic. Roubachkha is a dark purple, that looks black or purple depending on the light conditions. Also as with all chanel polishes they wear so well, and for me as I am quite busy this is a serous bonus. £20 each may seem a lot, but for me they are so worth it. ​

Get them here

Coconut Lane Phone Case

No surprises here but I am in LOVE with this phone case. The aesthetic is so perfect and compliments the phone so well, and has had loads of compliments. Secondly the materials, it is such a durable soft plastic that hugs your phone. If you are a dropper like I am then you are luck because this offers great protection. Don’t forget my discount code listed at the bottom of the post.

Check out the full range here

London Fashion Week

Darling I had so much fun at London Fashion Week with PlusMinus Magazine, I think that my feet have recovered and I have stopped feeling SO tired !! Read more about my adventures in last Friday's blog post.

Deacf Tea

In recent months I have been suffering with disrupted sleep, and have been struggling with exhaustion. One of my main habits in life is an addiction to tea, which contains caffeine. Now the myth that tea contains more caffeine than coffee is true- the tea leaves do contain more than coffee beans, however tea is more diluted than coffee. However this is irrelevant when you are drinking 8+ cups a day !!!!! So through the end of January and February I cut a lot of my caffeine intake, stopping drinking caffeine from 2pm. However, I still need my tea fix, enter Decaf Tea my savour, it tastes and smells the same. So I can have my tea and still sleep, I cannot recommend this enough !!

Get it here

IKEA Tote Bag

This bag was £2 and has made me so happy. I guess it is not as fashion forward as it could be, but its my little piece of Ikea to carry my things. I have used it when running errands and it is just so useful. Its here because it just cheers me up !!

Get it here

Rupaul: Remember Me

HONEY!!! I have had this album on REPEAT, I cannot get enough of it. The only thing better than this album will be when season 9 premiers darling. My top 3 tracks are: A Shade Shady (Prance), Rock it to the Moon and Supermodel. Darling, you need to go listen to this album.

Listen over on Soundcloud/Apple music

Bridget Jones’ Baby

Darling you will have seen in my October Favourites that I feel in love with this film. So when the DVD came out at the end of January I had to have it, and it is just as good as I remember, and I cannot stop watching it.

Get it here


I know this is a little odd. However, I really have been loving oranges at the moment. I guess after the courgette shortages I needed to fill the void in my life, and oranges have been the one. Also a good deal of vitamin C which is perfect for this time of year !!!

Favourite Outfit: Go Your Own Way

How much I want this coat to be mine is ridiculous, alas it just isn’t !! Also I have worn my DIY jeans so much, they have added so much life to my wardrobe. So this was my favourite look this month. Tap the image to see the full look.

There we have it honey, just as February is over so to are my favourites. I will see you in March my darlings xxx


Shop Coconut Lane with 20% off, use my discount code: benpechey20 at the discount.

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