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23; Another Year Wiser ?

Greetings on this marvellous Friday. Today is my birthday, and I want to talk about being a year older.

I love a birthday, always have, as a self-professed lover of myself- a day all for me is brilliant. I love a good family meal, spending time with people I love and of course, I love presents.

However, in recent years birthdays seem to come round quicker than they used to. It doesn't seem a year ago since I turned 22, yet I sit here today having turned 23. I know that age is just a number, but this year I do feel that time perhaps goes quicker than one would like it to.

Which brings me onto a profound point, I am so guilty of wishing my life away, I am always waiting for something to happen, perhaps something better. I forget that I should live today and enjoy the now, instead of focusing on the future. I have no idea what will happen tomorrow, but that doesn't matter because I am living in today.

My one goal for my 23rd year on planet earth is to live a little, to enjoy every day as it comes and to stop wishing my life away. The reason life goes so quickly is that I'm always months ahead in my mind. Well, 2017-18 is the year to embrace every day as it comes.

So perhaps I am just a little bit wiser than I was yesterday.

Thank you SO MUCH to Kathryn Younger who took these marvellous pictures of me as part of her final Major Project: SELF PRESENTATION, dissection of the Contemporary Male. Check her out here, here, and here.


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