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Ben Tries: Bread...

My darling, hello to you !! Today is the 7th instalment of Ben Tries. So far I have tried Tea, Lip Balm, Cheese, Red Nail Polish, Chocolate, Face Masks and today is Bread. I have a love-hate relationship with bread, I love it and it hates me !! Also, I eat far less than I used to do, and it has made me feel much healthier !! So for a little treat, I am going to try 5 different types of bread for your delectation, so let's do this !!

Just FYI I tried them all with a small amount of spread because that’s how I like my bread…


First off is a Baguette, fun fact- in France, they are made and purchased daily as preservatives in bread are banned. I like this and it's a classic, the mix of soft and crunchy is pleasing, but won’t change my life.

Wheat and Rye Sourdough Baguette

Next is something that looks super interesting. Taste wise it is very dense- but in good way-, and the mix of the seeds make it a really enjoyable bread.

Mild White Sourdough

So this was quite dull, I expected it to be soft, but it was oddly tough. I think this means that Sourdough is not the bread for me. However, with a little jam, I am sure this would be okay.


If anyone knows me then you will know that a Pretzel is a go to snack for me, indeed I can quite often be found in M&S snacking on one. So it is no surprise that this was lovely !! So chewy and a subtle almost doughnut taste this was a lovely treat.

Brewers Malted Grain

In the pursuit of fairness, I wanted to include a more health conscious option. Well, I wish I hadn’t bothered because this bread wasn't great. It was so dull and left an odd aftertaste in my mouth- clearly not today's winner.

So there you have it, 5 types of Breads tried. I guess I am surprised by some of the results but not all of them !!

Coming in first is the Pretzel. Second place is taken by the Wheat and Rye Sourdough Baguette.

In joint third is the Baguette and the Mild White Sourdough. Which means in last place we have the Brewers Malted Grain.

Another month, and another Ben Tries, I love these posts and always have fun buying and trying. Let me know what you would like me to try next !!

Have a beautiful week and I will see you all on Friday …


On my nails is OPI in My Gecko does Tricks


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