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Blooming Marvellous

Oh hello darling and welcome back to January on This month I am exploring the behaviours we can apply to our actions to help us overcome the hurdles of 2022, placing us all in the best position to achieve our goals.

Today I want to explore the power of Blooming.




produce flowers; be in flower.

I’m not sure how green-fingered you are? I’m not - Charlie Dimmock has nothing to worry about! But, I do enjoy a house plant, great for brightening up the office.

I spoke to you at the end of last year, about my Christmas Cactus Lynda La Plante, who is one of my favourites. If you weren’t aware, they’re so named because they bloom once a year - around Christmas. Overnight Lynda blooms with delicate cerise flowers that fill my office with colour. It is one of the small things in life that feels very special.

For the rest of the year, Lynda is a leafy green plant, almost unremarkable. Yet because I know she will bloom, I see beauty in her every day. Which is where you come in, we’re all special, and we have moments where we all bloom and feel amazing - but we don’t have to do that every day to be special and important.

There is a lot of life that is more mundane, routine and ‘ordinary’ - this is just like most of Lynda’s year. But, there are bright colourful spots in life too, highlights and things we look forward to - just like when Lynda blooms.

Just because we don’t bloom every day, doesn’t make life any less worth living and loving! I love Lynda all year round, and I want you to love life the same way every single day darling!

Thank you for embarking with me on this small self-improvement piece, I will be back next week to explore why allowing ourselves to be surprised can be oh so good for us. As always, I love you lots like jelly tots, until next time, uh buh bye.

Images shot by Ruth Pechey


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