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Could You Be as Special as Diamonds?

Diamonds are forever.

They’re also a girl's best friend.

But are diamonds even that special?

In the late 19th century there was a huge discovery of diamonds in South Africa. One company run by Cecil Rhodes bought up as much of the rights to mining as possible forming De Beers Consolidated Mines Limited.

Eventually, his major stake in diamonds and diamond-associated processes meant that De Beers controlled most of the world's diamonds. They controlled prices and controlled major stocks of diamonds. Driving up prices, and making diamonds a huge commodity for the last two centuries.

Diamonds are not that rare, comprised of carbon an element that is in plentiful supply, even diamonds that are jewellery standards are commonplace. The only real barrier to accessing diamonds is price.

The price and idea that diamonds are scarce were pushed and created by De Beers. Diamonds are not that special. However, because someone created an interest, created an idea of speciality, now diamonds are a huge commodity.

What is to stop your next idea from becoming diamonds?

What I mean is that if you believe an idea you have is special, good, desirable, and viable, then you can say it is special - and it can become special. Unlike diamonds, your ideas will be special, will be rarefied by the fact that there is only one of you, and will be desired by others.

Your ideas could be even more special than diamonds - and all it takes is the desire to make it so. Of course, the world we live in doesn’t always make this as straightforward- but there is access and support - and you can absolutely make your ideas come true.

So if you believe in an idea - then it can be as important as diamonds have become!


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