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Dark Florals...

Today I want to talk to you about one of the aspects of my shopping habits.

I am a voracious window shopper, online mostly, looking at Asos most days. I guess online feels more disconnected than if I was to go into an actual shop every day- that would be odd !!

However, I do buy clothes on a regular basis, more than most I presume, but it's my job and passion. Sometimes when an order comes, things just don't look the way I imagined that they would and I just send it all back- which costs online businesses millions FYI. I am bad at making snap decisions and just sending it all back, which makes me think do I buy just for the sake of it ??

This shirt was nearly one of my blanket returns, I just wasn't that sure about it. Sure, it fitted and was comfortable but I just wasn't wowed by it like I remember. Maybe the model online was super hot and looked much better in it that I did (which he totally did), somehow I wasn't that excited by it.

I decided that I would use the 28 days returns policy to my advantage and think about it. The thing was it just didn't blow me away, it really suited me- I just wasn't sure. I really love shirts, how many times have I worn my beloved polka dot shirt, and I really love the pyjama-esque detail on the collar.

These things made me realise that not every piece in my wardrobe has to be a show stopping one off piece. This shirt very happily sits in my everyday wardrobe, I can see me wearing this to a meeting, this shirt would be great for a shift at work and just as comfortable for a lecture at university.

I can wear this shirt so many times, which means that it's good value, there are things I own that are hard to wear all the time (just like my yellow suit) so to have such a versatile piece is a gift. Paired with my new vans this is a great every day, any place look. I really am thrilled I decided to keep it.

That's just about all I have to say today, I will see you next week. I wish you all a glorious weekend.

Over and out...


Shot by Rachel Pechey

What I'm wearing:

Shirt: Asos, (sold out as I've had it a while !!)

Jeans: DIY C/O :Burton

Shoes: Vans

Sunglasses: Gucci


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