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Delusional for 2024

The world has never been darker. Between conflict, financial struggles, and a culture war on gender, things are rough. How are any of us supposed to breathe, let alone live? To some degree, the only way any of us can cope in 2024, is to serve delusion or Delulu as the kids on TikTok would say.

This may sound tone-deaf. The ongoing conflict in Palestine, the war on Gender in the UK, and the Economy are affecting so many of us. Yet as a singular being, how are we supposed to survive when all around us is so dark? Suffering is individual - and there is no need to play top trumps - regardless of our perusal situation, in so many ways life is hard for all of us now.

I know as a member of the trans community, there are many days when I have to switch off from the hugely noisy world of hatred that we face, To suspend the harshness of corporeality, is vital. We can find comfort in the liminal space we can create when we choose to romanticise our lives. This is vital because our mental health depends on it.

This doesn’t mean ignoring what is happening in the world, or becoming apolitical, it simply means creating a safety net for the environments we exist in. To stare unblinkingly into the void of misery that is in the world right now can do untold damage. There has to be respite, and perhaps delusion is a healthy option.

Delusion is believing things that simply couldn’t be true. In 2024 to suspend reality, and create spaces where there is no misery could be seen as delusional to the harshness that is whirling around us. For our health, a smattering of delusion in all our lives can only be a good thing.

So if you are feeling lost in the maelstrom of 2024 - perhaps there is room for some delusion to offer you a port in the storm.


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