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We can all be our own worst critics. We can pick ourselves apart, focusing on habits and behaviours that we see as less than favourable.

Bad writing

Behind schedule

Wonky eyeliner

Bad skin

Not a morning person



Too many clothes

In a short space of time - it can be so easy to fall out of love with yourself. In the climate we’re currently living in, this is inherently stupid.

Yes, we all have detractors - but it doesn’t make us bad people. So what if I drool in my sleep - I’m still a successful human being. What would happen if we didn’t listen to the silky voices reminding us of the worst bits?

Life is hard enough - why would you go and make it harder by giving airtime to the things that aren’t your best features? Being human involves duality - good and bad. Actually, it’s more than duality, it’s multiple different levels.

There is no such thing as the good and bad inside of us, instead, there are the things we're good at, the things that make other people respect us, the things we love less, and the things that we can work on.

This is the beauty of being human - don’t fight it - embrace it. I may be a horrible person in the morning - but I still care immensely for the people around me. This is a classic example of light with shade - not bad or good - just human.

We don’t need to ignore our imperfections which quite honestly are the bits that make us interesting - but we also don’t need to focus on them. We can accept ourselves - all of the things that make us who we are - and move forwards imperfectly!


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