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Focus on what you know

Oh hello, darling, and welcome back to Focus Month. I want to bring you content that urges you to focus on yourself and to put love and joy into all aspects of your life. So far I have discussed the importance of activism, and the focus being different can pull.

Today I want to talk to you about knowledge, and the power of knowing your limits. I am a big believer in our ability to constantly learn, and that we need to harness that potential constantly. However, there is harm in trying to absorb absolutely everything.

We all have strengths and weaknesses, and to overlook these disparities can be fatal. If we don’t understand what we can’t do, we will never be able to find new ways of working out what we can do. Like all relationships, there are always two sides to every story, and that interaction is vital in helping us.

I have many limitations, I know this to be a truer fact than most. I am not ashamed of any of my limitations, I work with them, instead of against them. That way you can take away any strength they may have over you. One weakness that is often highlighted when it comes to making new journeys, is my poor sense of direction coupled with my inability to read maps.

This can make car journeys tricky and somewhat stressful because, in reality, I don’t have a clue where I am going. I cannot bear my Dad going through a journey on paper with me, because I know that it will just not go in. I know that the only way I learn is through doing and not through theory. I am a kinaesthetic learner, and I always emphasise that for me to learn something new, I have to do it first. I know my strengths and I focus on that to overcome my weaknesses.

Thus any journey I take has to be a trial run first, I don’t rely on maps, simply my deep relationship with Sally the Satnav, she’s 9 years old and badly out of date with new roads, but she has never let me down yet! Knowing how best to tackle something new, and using what you do know, and not what you don’t is the best way to adapt to new situations.

This approach means that your weaknesses can help you create more strengths, and make you a stronger person when it comes to difficulty and issues that we all face. Knowledge is great, but without experience and application, it isn’t very useful.

So I urge you to focus on the way you learn and the best approach to tackle situations when you come up against your next wall. You can work out the best way around that obstacle harnessing your strengths and using your weaknesses in a new way to help you. Always focus on what you know, and not what you don’t!

Thank you as always for joining me today for the penultimate post of Focus Month, and I will be back next week to complete March.

Shot by Rachel Pechey

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