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Freedom of Expression

Welcome back to Celebration Month on Continuing my celebration of all things queer, I wanted to discuss one of my favourite parts of being queer. Yes today I want to discuss the freedom of expression, particularly through outward appearance.

It is something that is a huge part of my life, and something that I find incredibly enjoyable. I really love styling myself. If I had to pin point my style, I’d say it would have to be a love child of a children’s tv presenter and an it girl.

I love being smart casual, never overdressed, but never underdressed either. I sit very happily in a category I’ve created for myself. I started really playing with clothes when I went to University. I was mixing with all these amazing people, and learning about even more amazing people. I wanted to examine my appearance, so I started a journey of self discovery. Playing with shapes sizes and gendered garments.

From early on (click here for a THROWBACK) I was very aware that clothes were no more than fabric to cover my back. When you are part of the queer community it feels like there is this whole new 3rd category of gender, which is whatever I want it to be. As such I dress accordingly.

Dresses offer me the biggest visual subversion of gender representation. I enjoy the liberating feeling they give me. I love wearing dresses, because I feel like myself, perhaps even a more liberated heightened version of me.

Heels are exciting because who doesn’t want to be taller??! Also I really enjoy the way my posture changes, I walk with more confidence and they are genuinely more comfortable than flats sometimes. I can’t get my feet in loads of pairs, which is a fact my debit card rejoices at. However, I feel amazing when I stand tall, ready to fall over at any moment.

Makeup is a fairly recent addition, that brings me so much joy. Plain and simple, I enjoy reducing the redness in my natural skin tone. I love hiding imperfections. Beyond that I just play with colours, and have a great time.

In accepting myself fully, I am celebrating the best bits of my personality. I am having so much fun. Being queer for all the difficulties and hardship that can happen, is a joyous thing. This is why Pride is so important, we have a lot to be proud of.

So make sure you are celebrating yourself, queer or not, we don’t discriminate. Love your self and your outward appearance, because it shows the beauty within.

Thanks again for joining me, and I will see you soon.

Shot by Rachel Pechey

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Dress: Old Lazy Oaf (I bought mine second hand on eBay, sorry!)

Trousers: River Island, Old

Heels: ASOS

Earrings: John Lewis, Old


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