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Glamour is a Mindset

I am often complimented on my style and my makeup - which is a lovely ego boost. I genuinely enjoy the process of putting myself together, and love it when that inspires other people. This is my version of glamour, and I feel great when I am being glamorous.

However, it isn’t what my life looks like 24/7. Glamour isn’t an everyday activity - we don’t need to be event-ready on a Tuesday morning - no one can be ‘on’ every minute of every given day. I am not sure a huge silver sequinned dress would be the right thing for a day of admin and expenses. Although I am sure it would look fab!

Some days all I want is comfort. I am sitting writing this bare-faced, with air-dried hair, a simple shirt and shorts ensemble - topped off with glasses that need fingerprints cleaned off them, and a fun graphic sock.

Some days your energy is best spent elsewhere, and by not spending an hour or so getting ready I keep my mind open for other needs. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for glamour day to day, but I think that glamour is a mindset which can be present in all situations.

All I need to be reminded of my power on the step and repeat is a spray of perfume or a knockout pair of glasses - this is enough glamour for a Monday. I can be my most powerful self outside of the head-to-toe glamour because we all embody our glamour - or our best selves if that makes more sense. The reason we look so good when we go to the effort is the power we bring to it. Without us, it's just fabric and makeup.

We make glamour happen - that is the power that you bring. You can be just as brilliant and shining taking the bins out as you are in a great gown at a party. Glamour is who you are, not what you wear. I want to remind you of your power - because it radiates whatever the situation.

Glamour is a mindset - you’re always enough.


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