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Hello, my name is…

I have been here for seven years, and have really only introduced myself to you once or twice in all that time. So I thought today, I would sit down, and reintroduce myself to you all, although Mum if you’re reading this, you probably don’t need to!

Hello! I’m, Ben Pechey which is pronounced like the fruit (Peach-ee), which I spend half of my life spelling out, and teaching people how to pronounce it! My pronouns are they/them - and have been for at least the last three years.

I am trans-non-binary, which means I sit under the trans umbrella and really play with the concept of gender on a daily basis. If society had to place me in an area, I would say probably more towards the femme end of the scale - but who needs labels anyway?

I am 29, which means this is my last year before I turn 30. I am a little scared, but I am trying to embrace the idea of ageing and just enjoy my time on this planet - which is way easier said/typed than done. I’m a Leo which means I am perfect and amazing - but also an emotional mess.

On the topic of emotions, I never used to cry, like ever at all if I could avoid it. Since starting therapy two years ago, I can’t stop crying, and now will cry at any given moment, for any reason, did anyone else cry and cry at the Barbie movie?!

I’m 5’8, 6’ in heels! A NATURAL BLONDE. No tattoos, plenty of piercings. I wear glasses and too much jewellery that I never take off. I can’t do anything in silence, so there will always be music on near me!

I cannot stand bananas, the smell, being near them, and especially hate it when people eat them on the tube - I will change carriages! I have an intolerance to shellfish, and I’m allergic to hazelnuts.

I am a writer, presenter, content creator, TEDx Speaker LGBTQIA advocate, diversity & inclusion consultant and author. I have written and produced content for The Guardian, Cosmopolitan, Women's Health, Refinery 29 and Diva Magazine. I have worked with major brands such as Manolo Blahnik, Condé Nast, Dr Martens, The NSPCC, Virgin Atlantic and many more to educate and improve awareness of the LGBTQIA+ community.

I am the author of ‘The Book of Non-Binary Joy’, and soon to be published ‘Your Gender Book’. I am also an ambassador for Diversity Role Models.

That is 'work Ben' - I am still figuring out non-work Ben - they're a work in progress. So for now, that’s me, nice to meet you again…


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