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I'm not wearing the things I love

February is the month of love on, and I want to talk about something that I have a lot of love for.

I LOVE CLOTHES. I like to think that my three wardrobe situation is completely acceptable, we are talking around 4 meters of rails, plus plenty of shelves and drawers. It is safe to say, that I have more clothes than many. Like any good mother, I love all my children equally.

Yet because I am human, I do favour garments. I shoot a lot of content on here, as a way of documenting my style, my experience of clothing and because I am just a little bit vain. However, sometimes the pieces I have amassed for a set of images may only have been worn once or twice.

When I think about it, a lot of my clothes sit for months on end, waiting for the right moment. I cannot be alone in this, the things I cherish the most, I save for a special event. At the time of writing, I haven’t worn the red suit, the polka dot jumpsuit has been worn once, I have not worn the orange cardigan and the houndstooth coat has still got its labels on. This is just from the last month, we won’t even dip into last year because it is scary.

Day to day I am simply not wearing the clothes I love, like a favourite film, I cannot simply put this on whilst working, I MUST SAVOUR ITS EXCELLENCE. I don’t know what saving things like this really gets me. I end up wearing a uniform day to day, of well worn and loved striped tees, with perhaps a mixture of cardigans on top. I wear my rainbow lazy oaf cardigan often because it was a gift and I know how much to cost, so it acts a statement uniform piece in my heavy rotation. Other than that, I stick to one of the 15,000 pairs of jeans I own.

It may be worth adding in that the red stripy tee you see me in a lot, is actually one of six. I never want to be without her and all her red sisters.

I often think to myself “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR” which could not be further from the truth. It is more that I don’t want what I wear to affect my mood, so I stick to a look I know, to reduce the risk. I am ignoring my favourite children and the things that I love, for no god damn reason.

I can tell you right now, that this is a mood thing for me, a bad look will ruin my day, just like a wonky eyebrow will. I am doing this because sometimes the risk that an outfit will be bad, outweighs the chance that it may be good, so I stick to the one I know will work. In essence, my own fears are reducing my wardrobe to a 10th of its actual potential.

Well, I vow, no more. 2019 is the year I use the things I have paid good money for. I also urge you to do the same if you like me are eternally saving something. Let’s start actually enjoying the things that we love…

Shot by Rachel Pechey

Shop my Lewk:

Which ironically is full of similar links, because I have had all these things SO LONG, my apologies…

Coat: M&S, similar

Jeans: M&S, sold out

Tee: 1/6, ASOS, similar

Earrings: Topshop, sold out

Sunglasses: Hot Futures


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