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July Favourites

Another month is drawing to a close as is my week of posts, so it seems fitting to end on a Favourites. As always it's an eclectic mix, so let's get into this.


With the weather being all over the place it's not a given that people want ice cream. However, I've suffered from hay fever and colds this past month and I find that Calippo's are a great alternative to real food when you feel rubbish. I love the orange, and the new Strawberry and Vanilla mixed. I pick the mini size because it's just enough and there is no risk of brain freeze !!

Shop them here

Working Girl / Witness / Top Gun

If you haven't seen my Classic Film post yet then go read that first. However, from those films, these 3 were my favourites...

Get them here:

Can’o Water

This is a hangover from Graduate Fashion Week (where these were I n the press lounge for free). Water in a can may sound odd but it is so refreshing and novel- and who doesn't love something novel !! I've yet to find them in the north but in London, they are readily available !!

Find out more here

Furry Birkenstocks

So we come to the marmite of my current shoe collection. Some people hate them, and some (me included) love them. The concept of a fur lined sandal may be an odd one, but they are so wonderful. I get cold feet, but like wearing sandals and these offer the solution. Soft shearling hugs your toes in a way that feels magical - and your feet don't get too hot. What's not to love. (You will have seen these bad boys in yesterday's post)

Get them here


I'm an obsessive person I find that I get a bit addicted to things. Recently this has been true of my love for skittles. I know some people took offence over the white for pride marketing - but I love the white ones. The surprise of not knowing what flavour you're going to have is a joy to behold !! Normal coloured ones are also nice and have been my confectionary of choice in July.

Shop Skittles here


Grace Victory'sI saw this top on insta-story and instantly knew I needed it and bought to straight away. Honey everyone knows I love the word honey. This tee is PERFECT and was only £8.99 - I have worn it SO much. (You will have seen this in yesterday's post)

Get it here

My Favourite Look

My anniversary post has to be my favourite look of the year. The location that we shot in was so lovely (just off Brompton Road in Kensington) and a change for me. I also love the soft layers and neutral colours.


That concludes my favourites and my week of posts !! I really hope you enjoyed my posts and I will see you next week, which will be back to my standard schedule but with new and improved content.

Au Revoir x


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