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June Favourites...

Bienvenue to yet another monthly favourites. This month has been a little low on the loves, I haven’t really bought anything new so its been a little slow. However I do have some things that I have enjoyed so as is TRADITION I will share them with you.

Lying in Wait by Liz Nugent

It has been ages since I shared a book with you, its not the I haven’t loved any of them they have all been quite neutral. However this month I picked this book off one of the many bookcases at my parent’s home and had a read. Well it gripped me, an odd tale of murder told from lots of people's perspective. A firm favourite this month.

Get it here


This was such a favourite as a child, and seeing recently on Netflix I had to watch it. Just as good as I remember if not better !!

Watch it here

OPI My Gecko Does tricks

So I have been binging on Chanel this year, so I fancied a change and went for this green number. I love the colour, really bright with a metallic shine to it. However it gets better I wore it for over 10 days with hardly any chips or scuffs- this polish is a keeper !!!

Get it here

Müller Light Greek Style Yoghurt in Skinny Latte

I have talked about yogurt before, and it still remains one of the things that I like to eat. I have never really tried a coffee flavour yogurt so I was sceptical. However this was so tasty I have been hooked !!

Get it here

Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask

This was one off the top masks from my recent Ben Tries, well I have used them again and again and I am in love. I highly recommend these masks to anyone - especially as I have highly sensitive post ruacetane skin !!

Get it here

Favorite Outfit

This months favourite outfit is a draw both my Silver Linings Post from the beginning of the month and my Blondie Fan post each win for me.

Click the images to revisit the posts.


So there you have it, all the things that I have been loving this month !! I will see you next week as usual have a beautiful weekend my loves…


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