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Know how to Shop Responsibly

This month has been all about choosing slower fashion choices. From performing a supermarket sweep on your own wardrobe to knowing your style to reduce purchasing errors.

Well, I am a big fan of a shop, and I would be a big hypocrite if I didn’t let you shop at all. So this post is all about shopping responsibly. As always I have a few thoughts from the research that I have done both for this, and as part of my other writing pursuits.

So there are a few things that will help you shop more responsibly and perhaps even a little more slowly.

Sort out your own wardrobe

Don’t worry I haven’t gone all Marie Kondo, I quite honestly don’t care if it sparks joy or not. But it should fit, and you should be able to see yourself at least wearing it once. If you have never worn it, never will or just don’t care for it then it is time to move on.

DO NOT THROW IT AWAY. You can ask family members, put it on eBay or Depop, or take it to your local charity shop. Unless it is completely knackered then there will be loads of wear left in those garments. Make sure you allow it to live out its life to the fullest.

You may also be lucky and find something that you had forgotten about and will be able to re-purpose it into a new look that you really love. Read more about that here.

Charity Shops

Now, this is a huge component of a lot of people’s style. There are hidden gems to be found and at real bargain prices. I personally have found that there is a lack of larger sizes in store.

However, there are some great charity stores on eBay. The British Heart Foundation store on eBay is magnificent. They have some amazing designer pieces as well as everyday brands, all well advertised and displayed allowing you to efficiently shop for some amazing clothes.


Maybe charity shops aren’t your thing, well that is where vintage comes in. Vintage is basically curated for you. You don’t have to rummage as much as you do in charity shops. The leg work has been done for you, which s what makes vintage that bit more expensive.

It is great for jeans, leather jackets and one-off pieces that all have tones of life left in them. I also love Vestiare Collective for vintage designer pieces. Read more about that here.

Shop Sustainable brands

There are brands out there that make great trend lead pieces in a way that creates less impact on the planet. I am a huge fan of Lucy & Yak who have built their own factory in India and have built a sustainable network that is clear and done really well. Shopping with a brand like this is a great way to ensure that you are causing minimal harm to the planet and those that are making your clothes.

You see that you can engage with fashion in a slow way, and still have fun and be able to wear exactly what you want too. Thank you for joining me today my darling. See you next week!

Shot by Rachel Pechey

At Caernarfon Castle, North Wales


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