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Lean into Love

How many of us love things, but don’t share that? Maybe because we learned to hide obsessions to stop us from being bullied or perhaps we didn’t want to polarise the people around us?

Whatever the reason, loving things is good for us, it helps us reduce anxiety and promotes emotional and mental well-being.

It will surprise no one - but I am a person who has long-lasting obsessions. These are things that I come back to time and time again - and do genuinely make me happy. Here are a few of them;

Emily in Paris - I know so many people hated it, but I love it for its hopeful frivolous fun.

Miss Piggy - maybe she is my muse, maybe she is my future - I can’t describe it, I just adore her.

My VW Beetle - I was a Fiat 500 girly for ages - until last year I rewarded a successful year with a dream car - we’ve never been happier even if the 2L Turbo engine is much too big for me to handle!

Red Lips - trends come and go, move over nude, I don't care. I will wear red on my lips regardless of season or event - because it is my true love.

Fragrance - if you have been near me in person you will have noticed I am highly fragranced - I just love smelling good.

Physical Magazines - print media is a passion of mine - I love flicking through the pages to feel calm, nothing compares.

Big Glasses - I figure if you have sight issues, then you should have fun with correcting that - I love big and wild frames, and I don't care if you hate them!

The Devil Wears Prada - is one of my favourite films, I know it word for word - end of discussion.

Whatever you love - lean into it - it will do you the world of good darling.


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