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Let’s make it Better

Of late, my rambling has focused on my mental health and the stressors of life. To conclude March, I want to ruminate on some things we can all do, to make life a bit more bearable…

  • Cuddle a dog

  • Go for a walk

  • Listen to a whole album start to finish

  • Make your lunch for tomorrow

  • Make a cake - box cake is easier, nicer and will always work

  • Tidy a cupboard, and marvel at how nice it feels

  • Paint your nails

  • Send someone a letter

  • Buy someone a gift (if you can afford to)

  • Make your bed up with fresh linen - later you will thank you

  • Buy yourself a gift (if you can afford to)

  • Clean something - when did you last do your makeup brushes?

  • Start a new show

  • Start a show you’ve watched before

  • Google Otters holding hands

  • Make plans for nice things

  • Do that small task you have been avoiding, and bask in the relief!

  • Like goals? Set some!

  • Sell some of your old clothes on Depop

  • Smile at a stranger

  • Brighter days call for lunch Alfredo

  • Shake up your routines for a little midday excitement

  • Get an early night - 30 mins more sleep

  • Spend time with someone who makes you feel special

  • If you enjoy drawing, pick up those pencils

  • Have a long phone conversation

  • Stretch - science says it is good for us!

  • Cook your favourer person their favourite meal

  • Find something to laugh at - try @fesshole on Twitter

  • Buy yourself some £1 daffodils and put them somewhere you can see

  • Hold a door open for someone

  • Cook yourself your favourite meal

  • Be present in the moment - avoid double screen situations

Whatever you find to make your day better, remember to do this in the spirit of kindness to yourself. You are always worth the effort, and you deserve to be happy.

Shot by Ruth Pechey


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