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Let’s talk References

Oh hello darling, and welcome back to September on Where we will continue September’s fashion content.

I’ve been in the content creation game for a little while now, and fashion has been about 75% of the way I create impact with my content.

Dressing like a 90s children’s TV presenter on acid is a fun thing to do - but it doesn’t just come from nowhere. Like many people, I need to be inspired to create. However, in order to create a voice with presence, it’s important to look outside where the content will sit.

For this, I like to scavenge culture for references to help me create. This is helpful for two reasons. Firstly, it broadens my visual understanding of the world, and where I sit in that. Secondly, it allows viewers to see visual cues that they recognise, which helps content gain traction.

I look for references in books, films, music videos, vintage advertising, my memories, and street style photography blogs. I’m just as likely to be inspired by a shot of Victoria Beckham out and about in London, as I am by a Eurythmics music video from 1983. Without references, I’m not sure I would be able to style looks easily or with any regularity.

Today’s look, for example, is a sensational dress which I was kindly sent by the angels at Skinny Dip. I got two things from it. Firstly, huge Wizard of Oz vibes. Secondly, summer school dresses I wished I could have worn.

These references gave me very clear ways I could interpret this dress. It provided a colour pallet of white and red for the accompanying elements. ADAD I also mirrored the slight school uniform messaging by using a flat red Vivienne Westwood shoe - which always remind me of sandals I used to wear - instead of a heel.

With just a few references I was able to pull a look - that in my humble opinion - is pretty damn fabulous. So the next time you’re in a styling rut, try looking for references outside of social media, and see what amazing things you create!

Shot by Rachel Pechey


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