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Lindsay Lo(h)an

Lindsay Lohan is making a bit of a comeback - which we love to see. The once teen princess fell from grace faster than you can say Disney. However, as everyone is human, and can learn from their mistakes - she is back!

Whilst this is lovely, it is not actually the point of my words. As Lohan once again becomes a regular face in our lives, she is beginning to do the press circuit. One such press appearance was to the US Vogue’s Youtube channel, for a retrospective look at 18 of her past outfits from 1998-2022. In this video Lindsay introduces herself - and here is where my world was turned upside down.

We have all been pronouncing her name wrong!

The Mean Girls star elegantly stated “Hi Vogue, I’m Lindsay Lohan” pronounced low-An not low-Han! So it is Lindsay Lo(h)an!!

This got me thinking (as I always do) we can hold a certain thought or belief for ages - and just like that have it changed. This can be mind-blowing even for small things like the way someone pronounces their name.

However, this can affect so many areas of our life. Whether this is information we have thought true because of what our parents taught us, or tastes held due to a friendship group. Life is not static, and neither is our understanding of the world around us.

There is also a way we can absorb this feeling into how we treat others. We hold onto a lot of personal feelings and information about the people in our lives. When someone makes a decision to honour their truth and adjust names, gender, sexuality or identity - they may change what you thought you knew about them.

However, the changed information, the version of themselves that person is showing you now, is the truth - which has been updated. This can take time to adjust too - but it is important we do adjust to ensure that person has the respect and love they need.

If we can change the way we pronounce Lindsay Lohan’s name we change change the pronouns, names or gender we use to refer to the people in our lives. Simple as that!

Shot by Rachel Pechey


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