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May Favourites...

Welcome back to, and as is tradition over here it is the end of the month, so it is time for my monthly favourites.

Chanel No5 L’eau

Easter was good to me, this was a gift from my parents. As I have documented in the past, I love perfume so much. I am oddly always on the hunt for new perfume. I have a unique way of finding a new scent, I walk through Boots, pick a scent and wear a new perfume for a day - this is how I get obsessed with scent. This is how my obsession with No5 L’eau began. Scent wise it starts off traditionally like No5, then it gets softer and mellows to a deep citrus/fresh with hits of cedar and ylang ylang- it is still polarising some people love it and some still hate it. !! I bloody love it !!

Get it here

Zara Bag

I feel like I am really late to the game with Zara's reversible Totes, but I think I waited for the best one. I am getting all kinds of Balenciaga vibes from these stripes, so the black will forever be the inside of this bag.

Get it here

Vans Old Skool IN GREEN

Trends seem to creep up on me, and then all of a sudden it hits me and I want in. Suddenly everyone seemed to be wearing these. However, I already owned a pair from waaaaaaaaay back in the day, and one day I dug them out and I have never looked back. This month was the month where I wanted to declare my love for these.

I have linked a similar pair, although they are not full suede. Get them here

Please Magazine

This month more than any month this year I have been reading magazines. This was one of my standouts, I love the digital artwork by Mat Maitland. A must read for me this month. To see what other magazines I picked up click here.

Get it here

Chanel Pirate Le Vernis

I broke with 2017 traditions last month, and gave the nail polish a break. However May was month of red, and Pirate was my shade of choice. Also it was the number one red polish in my Ben Tries (read that here) and it has been the perfect colour for me. Enough said.

Get it here

Baby Bath Bubbles

My skin is super sensitive at the minute, and I wanted to make sure the soaps I am using aren't going to affect my skin. The obvious solution to this was Johnson's Baby bath and wash. I love the smell, and if it's good enough for babies it's good enough for me...

Get it here

Fave Outfit

This month my favourite look was my Buffy T-Shirt from my hard out here post. Go check it out here...

May has been great, I've been all over the place, June should be good as well so keep coming back to my loves...


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