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October Favourites

Welcome my darling to my October favourites. October has been a quiet month for me, so I have had time to love a few more things than normal- so let's not waste time and get into it.

Ark Boob Keyring

I never collected key rings as a child, and I never saw the appeal of it really. However, when I clapped eyes on the breasty beauty I knew I NEEDED it. Never before has a Keyring made me smile, and it's so lovely to have a bit of frivolity in my pocket.

Shop Ark Here


Now I am properly settled back into uni, I like a good series to keep me company. Last year I had Buffy, so it seemed right to watch Angel this year. Never talked about as much Buffy, Angel -the spinoff- is a gem featuring Angel, Cordelia - who really comes into her own- and Wesley as well as new characters. I love the early 2000s LA vibe and I have been watching this voraciously this month.

Get it here

Alexander McQueen Trainers

I cannot tell you how long I have lusted over these trainers, there is no way to get around it, they are not a cheap item. Well I took the plunge and I have NO regrets, and I am in love. They took a little getting used to- because of the sole thickness- and I have fallen over in them (but that's standard for me really). They elevate any outfit and make me feel as special as I am !!

Get them here

Luncheon Magazine

By now you know I love me some magazines. I stumbled across the 3rd issue Luncheon on a trip to Village Books in Leeds over the summer. I loved it and couldn't get enough. So I hunted down the first and second issues of the magazine. I have not been disappointed. Food themed and articles split not by contents but by menus !! If you want to see inside issue three then head over to my Instagram, Luncheon issue three is where all of this month's fashion images have come from.

For more magazine inspiration head here and here

Check them out here

Monica Vinader Pendant

For the longest time Monica Vinader has been one of my favourite places to browse but never buy. I love the open pave rings (here) and the bar bangles (here). I by chance came across this pendant, and I knew I wanted add it to my pendant and chain I already have. The hammered finish makes it look far more expensive than it is. Added to the fact that they offer free engraving to make it personal makes it so incredible. I am in love !!

Get it here

The Hanging Tree

Out of all the books in my Autumn Reading List this was my favourite (thus far). I'm typical Aaronovich style it spun a completely new tale whilst continuing the storyline of the past books. Such a great read !!

Oh and to see more about my glasses head here

Get it here

My Favourite Looks

This month I loved my How to deal with Guilt and my Footprints in the Sand looks as they combined things I really love and has signalled the change for autumn in my wardrobe.

So that's all I have loved this month, I'm excited for November because we are getting ever closer to Christmas !! Have a great week Hun, I will see you on Friday for the next in my Sartorial Inspiration series !!


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