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Pride needs Unity

These are dark times in which we live, our existence has never felt more polarising. It seems we have become a topic, rather than a group of people. Regardless of the outcome, every political candidate is using LGBTQIA+ people as a sacrificial lamb to garner votes. The press hates us. It feels like in so many ways time has reversed, and in countries around the world that is a much scarier reality. 

When I talk about Pride, about LGBTQIA+ people, I always use the phrase community. Community is our connection, bond, and unifying quality. We may not have the support of everyone we meet, but we have the community. However, of late this seems to be less certain. 

I have felt this year, that the community as a whole feels more divided. There doesn’t seem to be the same feeling of unity that used to make me feel confident and comfortable. There are divisions, groups tearing down individuals, and people who are just out for themselves. 

Within the smaller trans community, I have spent weeks this year watching as feuds, trolling, and arguments have played out across social media. I am not saying we are above reproach, nor am I saying that we always must get along seeing eye to eye.

What I am saying is that whilst these divisions bubble across and through our community, opposing outside forces can get away with more, seeing the girls squabbling as a reason to take us less seriously. 

Of course, there is always room for shade, rivalry, and opportunity to genuinely not like every person you meet in this life, but now more than ever before the LGBTQIA+ community needs to have a united front. 

United we can stand against morally corrupt governments.

United we can reduce to erasure of rights that we are facing.

United we can build stronger connections to thrive together.

United we can create a legacy of community to pass down to future generations. 

Unity is one of our biggest strengths when it comes to facing those who oppose us. This pride season, unity is one of the things I want to remind us all to focus on. Unity will help to provide us with the framework to thrive in the future. Use the energy that we have been directing inwardly, and outwardly to the forces that oppose us.


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