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Small Ways to be Surprised

I find it hard to buy glasses that suit my melon of a head. My eyesight has changed - and so the red Celine glasses that I have been wearing for the last five years no longer serve me. The prescription was one element, but the dull scratched frames were a huge issue.

TLC was required, or perhaps a new pair.

I bought a close replacement, the same frame in a darker red. They were great, I love them, but they weren’t the cherry red frames I adore. I never like change so, after a search of the internet, I figured that I could find some solution.

Enter Peep Eyewear.

A company that could restore and reglaze my glasses. I would have my beloved cherry red Celine glasses back on my face. I followed the instructions, filled out forms, sent a picture of my frames, uploaded my prescription, and added my pupillary distance.

Now came the surprise.

My emails are always sent with a signature, which links to my books, social media, and my Ted Talk. This was present in the email I sent to Peep Eyewear. To my surprise, they emailed me back to confirm they could restore my glasses, but also they responded to my Ted Talk. Chris from Peep wrote “Thank you also for having your YouTube video on. It was a joy to watch and you are truly an inspiration to us all to just be ourselves.”

This email blew me away.

Of course, I do receive positive comments from people who interact with my work. However, unprompted, was a genuine delight. I was taken by surprise, and like so many things, reminded me that there is good in so many people.

The world may be dark, but there is light everywhere.

Restoring my glasses, in a small way, restored my faith in humans. There are always small ways that we can be surprised.


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