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Stuffed to Burst

Life can feel very intangible at times. Success isn’t something you can always feel at the time. Comfort is often more appreciated after it is gone. It is so hard to feel that any area of our lives other than our mortality is a certainty.

Let’s take a step back.

Why am I questioning life itself? Well, I am often asked why I am drawn to a maximalist approach to life. I have things coming out of the caboose. Literally, I am at a point where I have no more storage for the things I need to store!

I have always been drawn to objects, stuff & things, trinkets and gems, whatever you want to call them. I have a vast jewellery collection, my knick-knacks have knick-knacks and don’t get me started on clothes, shoes, and bags.

This has been magnified in recent years. The way the pandemic changed our lives, has made me less connected to life. My mental health of late has been exacerbated to extremes. Finally, my job doesn’t help at all, things are around me all the time. I can't help but influence myself!

The world is a spinning ball of rock, how is any of this actually quantifiable, when we play such a small role in the history of the world? These late-night ponderings for some, are my daily questions offered up by my anxiety.

So back to the question; why I am drawn to a maximalist approach to life? Well, things that are well looked after have permanence. I can see them, I can feel them, I feel connected to them. They allow me to feel like I can hold on, and in a sense ground me. Life in a small way begins to make some sense to me.

I can see how others would find having so much stuff an issue, and perhaps in some ways maybe it is. However, for me, the things that connect me to life have a purpose, and although at times I feel like I am stuffed to burst, I am grateful for the tether that things offer me.


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