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The best day

Welcome back to Honesty Month on Today I want to talk to you about a day which you may have seen me document in March. Quite honestly, one of the nicest days I have had in a while.

If you aren’t following Henry (Chatswoof on Instagram) the divine 10 month GoldenDoodle then I don’t know why! Chatsworth House opened their The Dog: A celebration at Chatsworth on the 23rd of March. As part of the exhibition Henry’s Mum, social media manager of Chatsworth organised a photoshoot 101 Dogs: A Chatswoof Photoshoot. We were invited, and by we I mean myself, Norman and my lovely sister! I haven’t looked forward to a day like this in a long time. Meeting Henry was an absolute dream, he is one of the nicest dogs in the business.

Also whilst you are here, if you are a dog fan then you should definitely go and follow Norman here. Also whilst you are in the mood for new things, you should read the interview I did with Myfanwy about her job role and Henry - honestly it is a very good read.

In all honesty this year hasn’t been the easiest, and I have not felt amazing. Having this to look forward to - and now to look back on is an absolute joy to have as a memory.

I type this as I prepare to go on holiday, as you read this, that has been and gone. I haven’t had a holiday in a very long time. Taking 5 days out of my schedule is going to be hard, and quite honestly I don’t know if I’m really ready. However, I am trying to fill my life with more happiness and joy and going and doing different things is a really good way to bring happiness to your life.

So far in my life, I have forgotten to focus on making memories and moments. Well this month I have begun to add life enriching moments to my existence to try and bring more joy to my time on earth.

I had the best day, so thank you so much Henry.

Shot by Rachel Pechey

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