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The Dress

Oh hello, darling! Welcome back to March on, today my angels, I would love to talk to you about inclusivity, and this stunning dress on my body right now.

I have a penchant for nice things, its human nature, and is something I cling to when things get tough. A friend recently sent me this tweet:

Things make life better, and even though this is the fault of the worms of capitalism that are eating my brain, I don’t have the mental capacity to take that on today. Instead I want to explore what a really great garment can do for our well being.

If you have a great memory and really enjoy my Instagram Stories, you will recall back in January I spoke about my adoration and love of a dress made by the divine Loud Bodies (which you saw in February). It accommodated my body in a way that was so validating, and brought me sheer JOY.

It might seem frivolous or even vein, and if that's your take from this, then you have no experience of being left out!

I am a fat non-binary person, there is nothing, I repeat NOTHING in this world made just for me, and no marketing in the world that looks like me. So when a brand creates an item that accommodates your body shape, that feels great, but when they can do that as well as making it desirable, then it feels out of the world.

This dress from Megan Crosby sits on that very small intersection, just like the Loud Bodies Dress, it is so me, that I cannot feel anything but euphoric when I am wearing it. Brands can do this, and still they don’t, so when we see it being done well, we have to stop and celebrate this, because we need more of this behaviour.

The fact that I have made my name in fashion influencing is crazy. Bodies like mine should get ten times the praise, because it is ten times harder to look THIS good when you have ten percent of the choice that thinfluencers get. I refuse to be told it is harder to make clothes for fat bodies, because Loud Bodies do it, and Megan Crosby’s business model can also accommodate all bodies through her custom order section.

It is also harder to shop smaller, and sustainably too, because there is so little choice when you begin to look over a UK 18. On a personal level, I spend serious money on clothes, why would businesses want to miss out on that? Fat people have a spending power, and the fact that we are overlooked pisses me off so much.

Make clothes accessible for all bodies, it is 2021, it is not that hard.

That’s it from me today, I will be back next week, but until then, let’s all remember how much all people deserve clothes that meet the needs of their body, and that bring them ultimate joy!

Shot by Rachel Pechey


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