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The Fear

Do you have songs that take you back to certain periods of your life?

The Fear by Lily Allen is one of those songs. Such a fun song with deeper messages that look at the postmodern condition, and consumerism. It was also 2009's longest-running number one, with four weeks at the top.

I remember it being number one on a snow day, I got to be off school giving me a day of peace, free from bullies. I listened to it over and over again. If I had to do karaoke - not that you could ever get me up there - I could probably sing this song without the words.

It’s weird because my childhood isn’t my favourite thing to look back on. My school years of 11-16 were the worst, and I was miserable. Yet somehow this song sparked joy in me. I remember that I had a few decent friends then and we loved the song - we may have even texted lyrics to each other because 13yr olds did that then!

Music was a big escape for me, it could take me away from the misery of just being myself created. Music is still helpful, I use it when I am out and about alone, I have my headphones in, and I feel protected from some of the issues being myself can still create.

Music allows us to shut out the world, and in a sense create our own filled with safety and comfort. Knowing you have songs you can turn to when you need a hit of positive emotion can be so helpful when it comes to working with your mental health.

I can play The Fear and I feel refreshed, balanced, and focused. To put that in perspective, I wrote this whole post in just two plays of this song.

So never forget the power of good music - that you love - to help you in so many ways.


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