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The Mentality of Cats

We don’t own cats, cats own themselves.

Now whilst that statement feels like it belongs on a magnet attached to an octogenarian’s fridge door, - nestled amongst statements like ‘there are two choices for dinner; take it or leave it’ and ‘dance like no one is watching’ - I think there is something to be taken from the mentality of cats.

Cats are more than comfortable leaving situations that don’t make them happy.

Cats ask for what they need - when they need it.

Cats run on a time schedule that works for them - even when it is outside of what others consider normal - 2 am yowling practice sparks joy for them, so they do it.

Cats like people, but do not rely on them for their entire being - cats are independent.

Cats don’t like direct eye contact.

I feel as a marginalised person, whether I try to please everyone else, or not, people will be unhappy around me. I could spend the rest of my life apologising, and still never win. Why expend energy when I know for the majority of the time - it is being wasted?

The attitude of a cat - and their approach to life - feels appealing. A life lived on one's own terms seems appealing. Perhaps not my most salient thoughts, or maybe they are. All I know is that if a future me is to exist, I have to put boundaries in place to help me survive intact.

So I am trialling employing the mentality of a cat to see its impact on my life. Who knows what the result will be, but a person-based approach cannot be a bad thing. Maybe this will be the year of the Cat for me?


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