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The Most Important Relationship

Oh hello, darling, and welcome to February on This month is aptly titled compassion month, I want to bring you content that urges you to reconnect with yourself. Putting love and joy into all aspects of your life.

Now in the 573,524 words that Grammarly informed me I have written since July 2017 (enough for 5 books), I am sure that I will have spoken about this before, but it's always good to recap on things we easily forget.

In a world that is seemingly driven by hatred, hierarchy and hostility, it seems that we constantly have to address how the world sees us. It has never been more difficult to navigate our idea of self-worth, with comparison piped to us directly through our phones 24/7.

I am just as guilty of this, and I always bring myself back to a truth that goes a long way to bringing calm and perspective back to my life. Are you ready?

Okay here goes;

No one knows who you are.

Really think about that, and take it in, in a world of visibility, no one knows who you are, the real you is known by one person, and that person is you. Each person you meet will form a totally different opinion of you, and what you do, which is pretty much out of your control.

It's crazy, but if you asked different people in your life to describe you, you would get varying viewpoints, they would make up the facets of your personality, the good and the bad, but one person could never get all of you. Which brings me back to the core of this piece, compassion, and the compassion we have for ourselves.

When you realise that no one really has all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that makes you, it is clear that we don’t really need to worry about what other people think about us. You are in possession of all the facts, and you are in the driving seat. So in all your endeavours, there should always be a large consideration for yourself.

We have the right to live in harmony with our truth, and figuring out the relationship with yourself is key to having a great life. This means we have to speak about ourselves with compassion, don’t degrade your abilities, malign your appearance or silence your voice. Make sure that you put your happiness first, and know that we are ALL a work in progress, and that is okay.

I obviously have to remind you to make sure that you are not a bad person and to try and keep the peace most of the time, otherwise, you will live in a constant argument. I figured you already were a great person, but just in case, you have been warned!

So remember next time you feel unsure, or worried about how the people around you will react to a decision, remember that in most situations, your opinion is the only one that matters. The relationship with yourself is the most important.

Thank you for joining me today, as always, I will be back next week to continue compassion month.

Shot by Rachel Pechey

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