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The Word of Now

Do you have a word of your year?

A word of the year is something you pick to set the tone or your goal and focus for the year. If you have been here long enough, then you will know that I LOATHE the concept of waiting for a new year to change things. So it should come as no surprise, I am thinking about my word of now.

As we head towards the end of this month, September is next week, and it feels like a small fresh start to me. I want to redefine my relationship with myself, reshape my relationship with my work, and reevaluate my relationship with the world around me.

So much of my work focuses on me and my response to the way I am treated by others. I feel that a shift is necessary, to help me wrangle all of my emotions. I haven’t worked out what my word will be yet, and perhaps I will keep it to myself as a personal focus. That isn't the point of this.

My point here is to remind you that at any point we can reassess where we are, and change things right now. Adjusting to life is a good thing, and we can do it whenever we want - so what is your word for right now? What is your focus, goal or aim? What needs to change to pull focus for you?

So it's not about the word of the year, it is about the word of now. Don’t wait for a time frame to offer up change - take life by the horns and do it now - or don’t, that may be what you need, to do less!

Just a thought that might help you right now!


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