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Killing Kittens

What Is An Enby? The Beginner’s Guide​

What Is Polysexuality? 

The Definition Of Asexuality 

Trans Awareness Week: Awareness Without Activism

Fun First Date Ideas 

Questions To Ask On A First Date

The KK Guide To First Dates

How To Take Mirror Selfies

Eight Gender Critical Misconceptions About Non-Binary People

Curiosity Club -

Being Transgender Means There Are No Restrictions On What It Means To Be Me


Shado Mag

The Toxic Side of LGBTQIA Labels 


How Can Brands Celebrate Pride Effectively?

Womens Health UK

I’m Non-Binary – This Is What I Want You to Know About My Life - Digital and Print

Hot Octopus; The Edge -

Tips For Dating A Non-Binary Person On Grindr 

Restless Magazine

Has The Op-Ed Bubble Burst?

We Live In a Toxic Confidence Culture

The Dark Side of Nikkie Tutorials’ Announcement

Tell me what you want, what you really, really want…

How To De-Weaponize Jealousy

Festive Dressing 101

So Under Pressure

The Transgender Community Needs Action

Mental Health and The Media

We Don’t Need to Know it All 

Money Matters 

Spirit Animals Aren’t Ours to Use

Is London Fashion Week Dead?

Bigger Bodies Should Not Be Hidden

Does Fashion Need A Spiritual Reboot?

Is Our Identity Tied Up In Our Hair?

Goldie Magazine

Dressing Up Identity - Print


Cosmopolitan UK -

9 struggles of shopping on the high street as a non-binary person


PlusMinus Magazine -

Various Articles as Fashion Editor



My Child Wants To Explore Their Gender Identity - What Should I Do?



How To Tackle Transgender And Non-binary Recruitment Biases



Why brands need to stand up and support the under-threat LGBTQ+ community 

Refinery 29 -

Meet The People Using ‘Dopamine Dressing’ To Boost Their Mood

I Am Queer And Plus-Size — Here’s Why I Prefer Clothing Swaps To Shopping New 

What Does It Mean To ‘Look’ Non-Binary?

The Independant -

By cutting ties with Stonewall’s LGBT scheme, Ofcom is fuelling intolerance  

Stylist Magazine -

“As a plus-size, non-binary person, exercise is form of self-love“


Vogue Business -

Stella McCartney to Gucci: Lessons on the new gender-neutral 


Cosmopolitan UK -

Searching for wide fit shoes? 7 fashion bloggers share their favourite brands

The Breakdown -

Why Makeup Is Perfect For Self Expression

The Guardian -

The future is fluid as labels sign up for gender-free fashion

Restless Magazine

The Magic of Women’s Loos

How to Prioritize your Mental Health as a Queer Person

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