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I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22...

August 5, 2016


As you may or may not be aware I turned 22 yesterday, and I have a lot to be grateful for and I want to ruminate over those feelings. 

I have spent a lot of my life feeling that I haven't achieved a lot, back track to turning 21, I felt very flat I had been working full time for three years and hadn't got very far. Turning 22 and I have completed my first year of university and the success I have achieved is beyond my wildest dreams. I feel that I have more of a purpose in my life, and that whatever I do I know that I am going places... 

So this post is 22 things that I am grateful for, grab a cup of tea, this is bound to be along one... 

1. Freedom


I am lucky to live in Britain where we have so many freedoms that maybe I take for granted, but I am so thankful. 

2. Family


It's corny but my family have really been there for me, both financially (yeah uni is really damn expensive, but that's another train of thought) and emotionally. I don't know how I would survive without them, and I don't think I say it enough, but you guys are my world!! 


3. Friends


In a slight contradiction to the last section, but thank you for not being my family. It's great sometimes to get an unbiased opinion and support from someone you really respect. Again I don't think I could do it without you all, and I'm grateful that you put up with me never reply to texts, whatsapp or messenger.


4. The 21st century 


It goes without a doubt that I am so grateful that I am alive right now and not 100 years ago. The progress we have made in acceptance of sexuality, gender, race and equality is the reason I am grateful to be alive now. Obviously we have so much further to go in all areas, and I hope in the future acceptance for all will become a reality.

5. Opportunity


Along with the 21st century new opportunities have arisen with wider chances for us to grow develop and prosper as we truly want to be. Gone are the days of inherited jobs and preordained destinies. I am in control of my future, and for that I am so grateful. 


6. Apple


At the forefront of creative development Apple have made so much more possible, so much of what I do at university is only possible due to Apple. 


7. Acceptance 


When you have the realisation within yourself and you can move forwards in a really positive way. When it can feel like the world can be against you, being at peace with yourself can be so beneficial. 


8. My Student loan


Without this I couldn't afford to fund my future. Shame I have to pay it back. 

9. Education 


I left school and started work at 18, and thought that was it for me. However, going back to education as made me push my sled in ways that have blown my expectations, and I have developed so many skills and met some great people. 

10. Health & NHS


This goes without saying, but access to free health care is something that I could not live without, we need to keep hold of our NHS. 

11. Money


Along with all the negative sides to money, it's ability to change and sort things out is something that I will be grateful for. Now I just need the ability to save money... 

12. Asos premier 


Quite honestly the best £9.95 I have ever spent, I could not live without it. Having saved over £270 this year on next day delivery you can see how deep my Asos addiction runs...

13. Sleep 


Need I say more. 

14. Ben&Jerrys 


Always there for me when I need it, can't live without you boys (everything in equal measure, I always try to stick to a reasonable amount)... 

15. Raining when in bed


Quite honestly one of the most comforting sounds to me, it makes me so grayeful to be in bed and not being out in the rain !!

16. To do lists 


The only way I can ever get anything done, life changing. 

17. The ability to make people smile 


Such a small thing but it can really make a difference to someone's day, and it makes me feel great too. 

18. BuzzFeed


When you are bored, getting your highlights done (why oh why does it take so long), or at the dentist. BuzzFeed is there for you and for that I am eternally grateful, a day can be made so much better by knowing what dessert matches my personality (I got Cake: You're cake. You're damn near perfect. You're in high demand because everyone wants a piece of you. But be careful with your time. There's only so much of you to go around.) Go entertain yourself... 


19. Vintage shops


The ability to shop from the past is something I always want the ability to have, the best coats always come from vintage shops.


20. Grapes


One of the best snacks- that are actually good for you- I am so grateful for Grapes. 

21. Rupaul's Drag Race 


One of the best shows right now, period. 

22. Time 


It may not always be on my side, but knowing that whatever happens that a new day will come and hey it will be okay.


So there you have it, maybe you know me better now... Well to another year.


Au revoir


   What I'm wearing:


Black Tee: ASOS

Khaki Chinos (In lighter colour): Burton

Leopard Print Stan Smiths: Adidas

Black Super Strength Sunglasses: Karen Walker

Michael Kors Jet Set Tote: Similar 




Shout out to Taylor, I couldn't do a post about being 22 without mentioning 'I'm feeling 22', so thanks Tay, although I'm aware you didn't authorise this post, this is awkward ... 


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