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Girls on Film #3

October 17, 2017

Welcome to the third instalment in my Girls on Film series. Today I am joined by one of my closest friends, Becky Macklam. A Leeds native Becky and I grew up together as teenagers and even though distance gets in our way we have remained close- in fact, I don’t think outside of family anyone knows me better. This was such a lovely interview to conduct and we had a hoot taking the pictures. I really hope you enjoy this one because it is very special… 


BP: Welcome to Girls on Film, are you excited ??


BM: A little bit


BP: Have you ever been interviewed before?


BM: No 


BP: Well there is a first time for everything 


BM: Exactly


BP: So I have known you … How long have I known you?


BM: Since Year 8


BP: How old were we? Is that 12 


BM: 12, yes !!


BP: So that's 11 years, because oh my gosh we are 23


BM: Yes, that's quite scary isn’t it?


BP: No it’s nice because it is almost half a lifetime. I don’t think you have changed that much in the time I have known you


BM: I don’t think I have either, I’m a very 


BP: You’ve always had, I've always thought of you having a really strong work ethic and you’re really clever and you’re also no nonsense. Also, you’re probably the only person I have never had a row with 


BM: I am very easy going 


BP: Yes you are 


BM: You did once slap me for not wearing the colour mint 


BP: Ahahaha I did, it was the statement colour of 2011/12. I was quite fiery in my youth. What do you put your down to earthiness to? 


BM: I don’t know? Probably having a sister like Helen probably! She is very scatterbrained and a bit all over the place isn’t she. 


BP: Lovely but intense 


BM: Yes very high maintenance - OFF THE RECORD, obviously 


BP: Obviously !!


BM: But Hilarious, witty and beautiful as well as clever 


BP: All those things !! 


BM: Yes all those things !! When I was at primary school I was quite the opposite, I didn't really do much work. Seeing Helen working really hard, and I don’t really like the idea of failure anymore. 


BP: No 


BM: So I have to work hard 


BP: I remember when we were doing our A-Levels you knew all about open days. I remember sitting next to you one day and asking you what an open day was! Everyone was talking about them, I just asked ‘What is that’. You sort of said why don’t you know about that


BM: You were very against university at the time though 


BP: I was, very anti university 


BM: Then you felt bad that everyone see was going, so you applied for drama 


BP: Got places then panicked and pulled out. Whereas you were really set on doing it. When did you decide? You did Radiography - have I said that right - Radiography?


BM: Yep, Radiography


BP: You did that as your degree, when did you decide what you wanted as a career? Initially, you were thinking of forensic science 


BM: Forensic science yeah, but when I realised I couldn’t get the grades to do forensic science 


BP: I thought that fewer people were doing it and there wasn’t any money in it anymore


BM: Yes, there was some sort of legislation change that meant that there were less forensic scientists and there was going to be more competition and yeah my mum suggested Radiography, did a little bit of work experience, really enjoyed it and that was that 


BP: So for those that don’t know Radiography are the lovely people that take your X-Rays if you break a bone, or swallow a teaspoon 


BM: Swallow a teaspoon yes!! Need a CT scan, MRI, ultrasound, work in theatres in surgery all of that. 


BP: So you went to university, not where you originally wanted to go 


BM: No- grades were an issue, I’ve always worked hard but, I worked out how to revise too late and then I had to resit everything all at once -doing two years all at once


BP: You still did really well 


BM: I did really well considering, but not as well as I felt I could have done with the amount of effort 


BP: I don’t know if we weren’t taught well 


BM: I don’t think we were prepared for the jump between GCSE and A-Levels 


BP: GCSE science was super easy, A-Level biology was ridiculous, and so hard 


BM: Completely different 


BP: I failed the first exam so badly. Did you fail the first exam too 


BM: Yeah I got a U, or very close to it, like an E 


BP: I got something like 17%


BM: They don’t prepare you for it. When we did exams for GCSE we hardly had to do any work


BP: It's different now 


BM: Yeah now I think A-levels wouldn’t feel like such a jump up because GCSE’s are so much harder. We had resit and we didn’t have to resit a year 


BP: We only had to resit a term's work, whereas now it's all different 


BM: So they didn’t prepare us for it.

BP: Going to university- you really enjoyed it?


BM: I found university a lot easier compared to how hard I had to work for my A-Levels. If that makes sense. I’m glad I went to university


BP: You wouldn’t change it?


BM: I wouldn’t change the university I went to or any of the decisions. My cards that got played out, I wouldn’t have changed that, I wouldn’t change Teeside University. I think it's a brilliant university for radiography, it’s perfect vocational course for what you’re doing. Compared to some of the universities that are more academic. Teesside’s very good because you know exactly what you are going to be doing in your job.


BP: It certainly made you really employable because you got a job straight out of uni, and you have worked every minute since you finished your course.


BM: I think that's because of the type of person I am, I’m very dedicated when I've got my eye set on something there is nothing stopping me 


BP: I've always looked up to you for that reason, I've always thought of you as such a sensible person 


BM: *Laughs*


BP: No, you are really sensible. If you want something you get it. There is never a case of well I might, it's I'm going to do that and you do it- you are very driven in that sense. In terms of being driven, what do you do to keep yourself motivated there must be driven within you.


BM: I think the drive comes from the fact that I don’t want to fail. The thought of failure is much greater than - it's a difficult one… - if I don’t want to fail I try my hardest I will get what I want and not fail. I want to be the best that I can - I’m not a half hearted person. If I do something I’m going to give it my all. 


BP: I think a lot of people could take a lot from that. It simplifies what can worry a lot of people and spend ages trying to have a strong work ethic. However, if you look at it in a way and say if you don’t want except failure you will always push forwards.


BM: Yes completely 


BP: It’s such a good attitude to have 


BM: Everyone has to fail, and I have had my fair share of failure. You get kicked down for a bit but it just makes you get up and try even harder each time. 


BP: I think as well with the way the world of work is right now, there are fewer jobs that are a great attitude to have. If the powers that be decided, I am sure you could quite possibly take over the world and it would be a very safe world.


BM: It would be a very organised world 


BP: YES !! As a fellow Leo, you would take charge, it would all be listed 


BM: There would be a lot of spreadsheets and diaries going on


BP: and Post-it notes for EVERYTHING


BM: Yep, list books all that kind of thing




BP: So obviously you work a lot, what do you do when you are not working? 


BM: I socialise, spend time with my friends, see you 


BP: ME? Who knew !!


BM: See my sister, family, do stuff with John (Becky’s boyfriend of 6 and a half years). I recently joined a gym 


BP: How is THAT going for you?


BM: I went to a yoga class with Vera recently. That was a treat, basically laying down in the dark and wiggling about 


BP: Not very intense 


BM: No!! 


BP: Have there been more intense ones?


BM: There's been body attack which literally attacked my body. I felt like somebody had run me over.


BP: Good first-hand experience there


BM: I couldn’t straighten my back for a good 10 minutes after waking 


BP: Oh my gosh


BM: It was rather intense. That's a way to release stress. Reading, I love to read.


BP: Any good recommendations? My recent Autumn Reading list has had me inspired, have you got any thing you recommend. I definitely read more in the colder months. Is there anything you have got your eye on for this autumn. 


BM: There was one I read on holiday. I found one I liked by an author I liked, and then you know on Amazon the suggested bit 


BP: I love the suggested bit !!


BM: So I got three of them! The Silent Fountain by Victoria Cross.  I like Kate Morton books too.


BP: What are they like?


BM: Like Stately Home kind of things, someone finds something now and there is an old house and someone goes and investigates… 


BP: Oh nice


BM: Sometimes there is a crime in there, a bit like a Marple thing 


BP: Nice and easy then 


BM: Nice and easy reading, but you get involved 


BP: I’ve just read some err


BM: Vicious? 


BP: Graphic, Graphic Novels by Pierre Lemaitre and they are kind of like thriller noir but also incredibly violent. I would recommend them because they are thrilling 


BM: Makes you keep reading 


BP: Yeah I have read three in just under a month, they are real page-turners as my mum would say. My mum is sat with us, maybe I will interview you one day Mum, would you like that?


Mum: No!!


BM: NO hahaha !! 

BP: Okay!! So obviously Becky when we get together we like to go shopping. You are a keen shopper


BM: I like a bargain, a bargain hunter if you will 


BP: So that means you prefer shopping in real life


BM: Yes


BP: you aren’t really a big online shopper are you?


BM: I shop online when I’m looking for something specific because when you are wondering around on the high street you can’t always find it, so if it’s something specific like a shoe or a bag I will tend to look online for wider options. However, I like going into the shop and seeing and feeling the materials. Sometimes you see something online and it looks better on the person than it will on you. 


BP: Yes very that 


BM: Plus the hassle of having to go to the post office to take it all back, I feel I don’t have the time to do all of that.


BP: I feel that I spend lots of my life doing that 


BM: I just don’t have the time !! At least if I’ve got a day go shopping, try it all on


BP: Where are your favourite places to go for clothes, fashion?


BM: I Quite like New Look


BP: You used to be a big Primark fan, not so much now?


BM: I do quite like Primark but not as much as I did. Where else do I go? I don’t really do that much shopping anymore


BP: You don’t have that much spare time


BM: No !! I quite like House of Fraser because it is lots of things all under one roof. Miss Selfridges, I used to love Miss Selfridges, but the shop closed down in Leeds which is sad. Topshop is quite nice, I have to be quite picky though because the sizes make me feel sad.


BP: They are cut small and,  in terms of in the industry Topshop sizes are very small 


BM: So I have to be careful. I do struggle in there and that makes me sad 


BP: That's the thing everyone can have self-esteem problems no matter your size


BM: Yeah, like I feel really good as a size 10 and then I go in there and I’m like a 14. 


BP: They make me feel RIDICULOUS. If they make thin people feel like a heffer then they are not nice people. I also am not keen on the way Toppers merchandise things, it's very thin.


BM: It's targeted at a skinny market. I do like Joy 


BP: Sadly going through some issues. They are laid out nicely though 


BM: They do nice clothing


BP: Quite expensive, good in the sale though. You like a sale rail 


BM: I wouldn’t go in if there wasn’t a sale


BP: So when you are not shopping for clothes you like a homeware


BM: yes LOVE a homeware, love HomeSense, Zara Home 


BP: Zara Home- very expensive


BM: John Lewis, love a John Lewis 


BP: Zara Home- their website is evil. You will see something and think that it’s reasonably priced but when you get there it costs more. Like their cushions, they look great but then it's a price range. BED LINEN, that starts at £8.99 but that is just £8.99 for a pillowcase. Then there is the duvet and the sheet, like Zara Home why can’t you just be upfront with us


BM: H&M home is nice and reasonably priced 


BP: Again evil, I can lose myself to that website- I have to be really controlled I can be so impulsive.


BM: Selfridges in the Trafford Centre, Manchester have their own little H&M home section- which is really good. 


(tucks into a biscuit)


BP: Enjoying a nice little biscuit there? 


BM: Ummmnnmn


BP: What do you do if you want to treat yourself? Do you have little rituals if you have for example a crap day at work? 


BM: They all tend to be food related!!


BP: They can all be food related- I do the same!


BM: I will get a cake or to cheer myself up. Sometimes I like to get a birthday cake when it's not my birthday!


BP: That is incredible. We are adults so no one can tell us not too 


BM: If anyone asked me what my favourite type of cake would be, it would always be Birthday Cake.


BP: What are we talking when we say birthday cake 


BM: Victoria Sponge 


BP: Fondant Icing?


BM: Yes always!


BP: It’s a classic and it cannot be messed with!!


BM: Not a buttercream, it has to be a fondant 


BP: Obviously not every day 


BM: No!! As a treat. I like a nice bath 


BP: Candles? You love a Lush product


BM: With a bath bomb from Lush, candles, yes I love a Lush product


BP: I’m not a fan of a Lush product


BM: Why? Is it the scent?


BP: Should I give in?


BM: Is it the colour?


BP: I feel like they are quite overwhelming. I like just a normal bubble bath 


BM: Why don’t you try a bubble bar from Lush 


BP: Do they make nice bubbles


BM: Really good bubbles, you don’t use the whole thing, you just crumble of a bit under running water and you get lots of bubbles and it smells nice 


BP: Is it fewer for sensitive skin, I’ve always been worried about my skin with their products - glitter and colour 


BM: I have a sensitive skin issue - I bruise like a peach and I get quite rashy sometimes. I’m allergic to the sun as well 


BP: She says as she is sat in the sun 


BM: Most of me is covered


BP: That is very true, sorry 


BM: I have never had a problem with them!!


BP: I will try 


BM: Give them a go 


BP: Can you recommend any Lush picks


BM: I had one like a rocket the other day, that melted down and changed colour and left little stars in the bath that was cute. The Christmas ones are good like the Christmas puddings are nice 


BP: The only thing that I know I like is a hand cream bar 


BM: The lip scrub that they do is really good


BP: Is it now? When I was on Roaccutane I had really peeling lips - it would have been really good 


BM: It’s like sugar that coloured that you just rub on your lips, and then you can eat it afterwards 


BP: That's incredible it's a meal and a beauty treatment all in one. These are the things we should be looking for, they are alternatives, lunch on the go. 


BM: Really good because it helps with the peeling-ness and you can lick it off 


BP: That is literally all I need in my life 


BM: A tasty treat for you right there

BP: PERFECT!! Now time for some quick fire questions !! 


BM: Okay 


BP: Countryside or City 


BM: Countryside. 


BP: ...


BM: But that depends


BP: Carry on then, Countryside for what


BM: If I am having a weekend off then I want to go to the countryside to do some walking. However, after work in the evening, I like the city for cocktails and a nice meal. It really depends on what mood I am in. 


BP: Leather or Lace 


BM: Lace


BP: More flattering and you do like a lace 


BM: I don’t think I own anything in leather, that's a lie I have a leather jacket, sorry pleather jacket !!


BP: Talking of jackets, I love the yellow raincoat you are wearing in your images that go along side this interview. 


BM: My Joules coat- that was a little splurge of mine- 


BP: It’s good though 


BM: I had been eyeing up for a while 


BP: It always rains in Leeds, I have never been there when it's sunny and dry !!


BM: yeah its true there is always a bit of drizzle going on 


BP: Favourite Disney film?


BM: Big Hero 6


BP: WHAT, Big Hero 6- that is your favourite Disney film? I did not expect that. Any princesses in that?


BM: No or maybe the Mini adventures of Winnie The Pooh 


BP: I'm stunned, didn’t expect that !!


BM: AHAH, or the little Mermaid. My instinct went to Big Hero 6


BP: I've never seen it, is it good?


BM: Oh my God I love it. You can come round and we will watch it 


BP: I should definitely do that 


BM: It's quite funny 


BP: I will add it to list


BM: Add it to the list, what other ones, I quite obviously love Cinderella both the live action and the cartoon. Quite like Mulan too, all that girl power


BP: They are doing a live action of Mulan too, there are no songs which is sad 


BM: Not sure how I feel about that, however, Jackie Chan is in it 


BP: I like me some Jackie Chan, my Jackie Chan memories are from, did you ever watch the annotated series with the talismans, Rachel and I l used to love that


BM: Yes I feel like I did


BP: The Jackie Chan Adventures !! Okay, that was a tangent !! Three things that you love


BM: Stationary, Homeware, Family and John. 


BP: Three things that you hate, I can answer one of them




BP: Cats!


BM: People walking in front of you really slowly 


BP: Rude


BM: And….


BP: Hate is a strong word…


BM: Dislike, we’ll say dislike.


BP: It's hard isn’t it 


BM: I don’t what the third one would be


BP: What annoys you? If I was going to answer it, I hate social media gloaters 


BM: I just don’t know, definitely cats because I am scared of them, and people walking slowly is irritating 


BP: Maybe you don’t need three things because you are such a happy harmonious person you don’t need to hate three things


BM: Ah, people putting things not where it came from 


BP: I feel there is an anecdote here 


BM: No, but if there is a specific place for something to go and it goes back elsewhere, and you then spend ages looking for it because it's not where it should be 


BP: So irritating 


BM: “You know where it lives, why has it gone back here” That kind of thing, like I’ve got a fruit drawer


BP: A fruit drawer?


BM: In the fridge 


BP: Oh I see, I thought you just had a random drawer somewhere


BM: In a nice cupboard ??!! No in the fridge there is a fruit drawer and a veg drawer 


BP: That makes perfect sense 


BM: John puts it on the shelf above, why not put it back in the drawer 


BP: The drawers are there for a reason so that meat cannot get on fresh food and contaminate the food. It's all about fridge hygiene- I learnt that at school !!


BM: I just like things to be put back properly 


BP: General Laziness !!


BM: Yeah, Tidy up time 


BP: Tidy up time haha!! 


BM: That's just because of my organised self !!


BP: Top 3 Biscuits 


BM: OOOOH, Custard Cream




BM: Bourbon




BM: and Chocolate Digestive 


BP: WOW, I would pick all of that, it’s a really good selection


BM: Oh but Party Rings have to go in there, we will add a fourth section 


BP: Swap in swap out, that's totally fine. If you could give advice to anyone what would it be


BM: Totally depends on the situation I am advising 


BP: Just a piece of a general piece that would make their life a little bit easier. Something you know now but wish you knew 10 years ago.


BM: I've got lots of advice 


BP: Just a sage Becky Macklam quip


BM: Always remember that an expert was a beginner once


BP: That is INCREDIBLE, such good advice


BM: Lots of people when they get to a really high level look down their nose at beginners, but they were beginners once


BP: It's admitting that everyone once


BM: Started somewhere, yeah 


BP: Even Madonna was no one once


BM: and look what she has become. That's what I like to live by. It is an inspiration to work hard 


BP: That is truly wonderful, well on that note I thank you for being my third guest - thank you very much 


BM: You are very welcome


BP: I have had a nice time, 


BM: Me too 


BP: Thank you, thank you !!


BM: You are so welcome 


BP:  That's it !!


BM: I enjoyed that, I’d be interviewed again


BP: aha hah (…)



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