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Easter Picks at M&S...

April 11, 2017


Welcome back to benpechey.com, I do hope you have a had a pleasant start to the week !! Today I want to talk you through some of my favourite tasty picks for Easter. 


I thought with Easter looming at the end of the week, I would head to Marks and Spencer to see what great things they have for us. I choose M&S because I think their chocolate quality is excellent (its made by Thorntons) and I also think that they are so creative !! 


Spiketail the Dinosaur | £6


Now I am a fan of tradition, and If you cannot remember the dinosaur in the Easter story then that is not my fault !! A nice and simple decorated one to kick us off !!


Colin the Caterpillar | £8


For those who have a sweeter tooth and like a confectionary and chocolate affair then this is the one for you. I love how fun this is in the shape of an apple !! 


Disco Glitter Ball | £10


Now I love anything glittery so this spinning chocolate number has me written all over it !! D-I-S-C-O !! 


Artists Egg | £15


A little more sophisticated, this egg is beautiful with a hand painted pattern in deep red and gold strokes.


Laid Back Lamb | £15


I do love a little bit of humour, and this cheeky lamb is baa-rilliant !! 


Bennet Bunny £20


Nothing fancy here, just a whole load of chocolate !! WHATS NOT TO LOVE!!


Gold Ridged Egg | £25


Another beautiful egg, this time finished in gold and is simply stunning… 



M&S also have a wide range of other easter products that will suit all budgets, I just picked the pieces I loved the most !!


Whatever you choose I hope you all have a lovey Easter/Bank Holiday weekend. I will see you on Friday with a brand new post !! 

Just FYI I'm wearing Chanel Longwear Nail Vernis in Espadrilles (534)

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