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I'm Cheating on Summer...

I know we're only half way through August and I should still be hungry for blue sky's and hot days, but as I write this even 24°C sunshine can't stop me from looking forward to Autumn, just look at how guilty I look (yeah, not at all). Simply put Autumn is my favourite season, why you may ask, well of course it's because of the fashion !

Autumn is the season of the coat, the boot and the many many layers. Also the palette changes, personally I am always drawn to black, but in autumn I enjoy adding rich hues of rust, forest greens and burgundy into the mix.

So this post is all about the items I am really craving for the season ahead, so I am not fully cheating right now, perhaps this post should have been called flirting with Autumn...


ASOS Kimono Shape Cardigan:

Quite honesty I am holding out for this in black, but for now I can enjoy the shape and entertain the thought that a grey cardigan could change my life.

Its huge, its has drapes for days and it will go with everything...

Slouchy, soft and completely layer-able. H&M are always a safe bet for thin knitwear such as this.

I love a cuban heel on a boot, I love an almond toe. I have a very similar pair in black and have worn them over and over. This rich hue of brown would be a nice option away from my beloved black. On the pricey side, but Jeffery West boots are really well made and wear well.

When it comes to everyday dressing I like a nice easy piece that I can chuck on if I need to run errands but with the right accessories could do a a dinner too.


So just a few of the things that I am coveting for the coming season, perhaps I am looking ahead too soon, but these things might not be around when the weather does turn.

Good day darlings.


First Image shot by Rachel Pechey, much love to you...

Photo credits to ASOS and H&M, I do not own these images.

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