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What's in my bag...

A classic first world post, but I always enjoy such posts as I am a majorly nosey person so it seems only fair to let you in on my deepest darkest secrets. Only kidding I'm super boring, although I do keep some of my opinions in my handbag so stay tuned for those...

On to the bag, this is a leather cross body bag from Zatchels in navy blue leather with a cornflower blue accent stripe. It's a medium size bag that is a good size, as you will see I can get everything I need for day to day antics (for day to day read shopping/tea drinking). As you may have seen in recent posts that I wear a lot of black and so how does a navy bag fit into my wardrobe? Well in short, I'm not entirely sure right now. I want to try and wear different colours and play around with the colour palette of my wardrobe, so stay tuned for that.

On to the Contents:

Vivienne Westwood wallet

An essential here it carries all that I need, because we all need money and our store cards. What more can I say.

Get similar here

Sanihands Antibactorial hand wipes

I have a mild to major fear of germs, and for that very reason I always carry these wipes with me, and you may mock me when you see me whip them out, but they are so useful. Get splatted by a seagull, these will clear it up. Accidentally hold onto the sticky pole on the tube, these wipes will clear it up. I cannot live without them, and these are my very favourite brand as they have special blue dots that really clean...

Get them here

iPhone 6s Plus

Another modern essential here, I have evolved to not be able to cope without this bad boy. I have the largest size, so that when I text I don't always need to wear my glasses (poor sighted people problems). The case is also by apple, its great quality and super comfy to hold.

Get it here


Yep, I'm asthmatic. I cannot live without this (literally). I also forget it all the time, so if you see me looking out of breath and a funny blue colour please help me !!!

No link for inhalers, but a nice link about understanding Asthma if you're interested...

Bailey Nelson Glasses

I wear glasses for distance and for focus, I don't wear them all the time but I need them otherwise I can't read things like train times and menus. I highly recommend Bailey Nelson they are a premium opticians at great prices. I was recommended to them, and I am obsessed. These frames are technically sunglasses, but the great thing is that in store you can try any frame on and they make them for you, the kind of service that is rare today.

Get the frame shape here

Blox Stationary 2016-17 Diary

A physical diary, who even has these anymore well I do. I use this every day to see what I need to do, what appointments I have and it is so useful to plan my blogposts.

This one is by Blox stationary and is in a mock Python aubergine leather. It is a little more pricey than other diarys but because I use it everyday and for a year I want it to last so I think it is worth the price point. I must give a shout out to my beloved Mother for purchasing this for me.

Get it here

Beats solo 2 headphones

I happen to be someone who cannot do anything in silence so for that reason I always have headphones, these were featured in my most recent new in post so if you want more detail check that out.

Get them here

Vintage Chanel Sunglasses

As with a lot of people I have very sensitive eyes, and squinting gives you wrinkles and I don't need anymore of those !! I have quite a few pairs and the pair I have today are a pair of vintage Chanel sunglasses from the early 1990's. As with many luxury items, they can really lift an outfit. I like to shop at places like Vestiaire Collective for vintage pieces, there are gems to be found on other sites like eBay, but they are not authenticated like they are on Vestiaire, so its always better to be safe than sorry, and beleive me I talk from experience, I have had some pretty hairy moments on eBay, but thats not for now...

Get similar here

Multiple Lip treatments

It seems like this post is just a long list of my ailments, but I guess you can tell I'm being authentic ahah. So yes I do indeed suffer from dry lips. My personal favourite from the three is Blistex, I know this is a lip treatment meant to be used for cold sores, I do not have cold sores but I do have lips that get so sore that I rely heavily on blistex to keep them soft. My favourite part is that it has a pleasant tingling effect in the lips. The others slot in when I don't need that level of care.


So that it, the bag is empty. Everything I am currently carrying round in this new bag, it's beautiful and neat right now, let's check back in a week and I guarantee it will be stuffed full of receipts and tissues...

What do you keep in your bag? Is it really neat or is it a massive mess ? Let me know in the comments...

Over and out 📻


Disclamer: Yes this in the third Zatchels bag on my blog, this is not a sponsored post (I wish). I currently work for Zatchels and being exposed to the bags more than most creates more opportunities of infatuation. They are however a great company to work for, check them out here.

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