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November Favourites...

This is getting slightly terrifying, we are in December everyone, where has this year gone !! However, I must stress that Christmas (this is the first time I’ve been able to say this on my blog and I bloody love it!) is my most favourite time of year and I would celebrate it from September the 1st if I wasn’t as level headed as I try to be !!! Right Ben focus, this post is not about Christmas (which is a great shame in my opinion) but it is in fact my November favourites!

Vicks Vaporiser

As we are well into Autumn and coming into Winter, the germ level has increased and as with most British people my body has succumbed to all of the colds and I have felt some kind of illness for nearly a month and a half. I was on the phone to my mum talking about when I was a child I had a vaporiser, that I used to swear by as it made sleeping much more comfortable for me. I was a very sickly child, with a poor immune system thanks to a bout of Pneumonia, so when I get a cold it goes straight to my chest and affects my asthma, fun right !! Well she found this modern Vaporiser that has changed the way I feel about being ill! You put the scented pad in the little hole and plug it in for 8 hours of menthol vapours that soothe you to sleep. This has been a life changer that I couldn’t now live without, why didn’t I have it sooner I will never know, so thank you Mum for my little plug of happiness.

Get it here

Asos Suede Boots

I have a thing for boots, I always have. I find that during the colder moths they are a go to for me, because they keep my feet warm, and they pull so many outfits together. This pair is from last year, yes viewers, forget seasonal pieces these are a god-damn staple. I have even had them re-soled and re-heeled I love them that much. This pair were quite affordable £50-£60 at the time, and I wish so dearly that I had picked up the Black leather pair too, so many regrets right now. I love that they have a heel, because sometimes completely flat boots hurt the arch of my feet, so I can strut the night away in these boots, who am I kidding I am in bed by ten. I can do a food shop in Sainsbury’s, do lunch with the girls and I’m sure if I tried, do the Macarena in these boots.

Get similar here


In my most recent new in post I had bought this book but had not yet read it. Well dear readers I cannot stress enough how good this book is. I want to send you all copy (perhaps for christmas ahaha) because I loved it sooooo much. It was heartwarming, relatable, well written, sad in some places, joyful in others and most of all it was so honest which I love so much. I always loved Estée’s videos on youtube and have been a fan for many years, but to see someone Bloom (see what I did there) in such a way and write such a brilliant book is so wonderful. Go and get this book !!!!

Get it here


I have featured two pairs of Dungarees on my blog and that is because I love them so. Let me run down my list of reasons I love them so:

  1. They are so easy to wear

  2. They look pulled together

  3. They are versatile

  4. I feel like I’m wearing pyjamas

  5. Who doesn’t love Dungarees for gods sake !!

If you haven’t ever considered a pair of dungarees I have no idea what is stopping you, because if they flatter me than they will flatter you my darling !!!

Get mine here and here and I also love these and these...

Joanne (Deluxe)

Honey this album has been on nonstop since October 21st, I wanted to give it multiple plays before I passed my judgement. Now I will admit that it is very different to previous Gaga albums but we all develop and grow in time, I mean I would be annoyed if I hadn’t developed in 3 years !! My favourite tracks on the album have to be Diamond Heart, John Wayne, Hey Girl and Grigio Girls. If you haven’t had the chance to listen to this album then I urge you to do it now !!

Get it here

Alice Through the Looking Glass

I know a children’s film, I am 22 but who says I cannot watch a disney film. It says mild threat on the rating- ooooh!! Jokes aside it is good film, continuing on from the previous Burton Alice in Wonderland which was also very good. I liked how different these films are to the ones I remember when I was a child, the CGI is beyond my imagination !! It has some stand out performances from Sacha Baron Cohen and Mia Wasikowska which I really enjoyed. I have watched it quite a few times this month and I find it very comforting.

Get it here

So there you have it dear reader, my monthly favourites are over just as November is. This coming month will be a good one for, stick around: its going to be fun…

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