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2016 Favourites

Hello dear reader and welcome to my 2016 favourites, this is a round up of everything I loved this past year. Get yourself comfy and grab your beverage of choice and lets do this.

Yorkshire Tea

I am never without a tea, and by far my most favourite tea of this year has to be Yorkshire tea. It is the right taste, I can’t describe this any other way. It tastes right, and I love it. So maybe if you have never tired it get yourself a box, and get the full experince…

Get it here

Silver Shampoo

I raved on about this in my august favourites, and I have been using it ever since. It has kept my blonde so fresh, neutralising those yellow tones that love to plague any faux blonde like myself. One thing that I expected is for it to dry my hair out, but this one has not been to bad, so I cannot recommend this enough.

Get it here

Google Photos

I post twice a week here at and so I end up taking a lot of pictures. Storage is my biggest problem that I always have. However, having google photos allows me to back up my photos, which are still accessible on my phone, iPad and even on my Mac. This app has made my life so much easier. I cant thank it enough.

Get it here


This has been my go to this autumn. It is a personal favourite and I love reliving the show and its associated Memories. Even though I have been crazy busy I have managed to work my way through 5 seasons. Go on and watch it now !!

Get it here

Jules and Sarah

I have already expelled the virtues of Jules and Sarah, but I will reiterate. Their weekly podcasts literally got me though 2016. SO uplifting and hilarious and relatable. I love them so much.

Listen here

Hand Cream

I am a clean freak and so my hands are always being washed which makes my skin quite dry. So I have turned to hand cream a lot this year. I know there are fancier ones, but I like a fragrance free non greasy formula like this one to do the job.

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Need I say anymore, I would say I wear boots 2/3 times a week. This to me makes them a favourite and an essential last year and probably this year too.

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This is the 3rd Blog post this book has featured in. I must state here that this was the best book I read this year, The Cursed Child is up there but this is so much more than a story. It is uplifting and positive and maybe an alternative to resolutions this new year.

Get it here


Again just like Bloom, a return for Dungarees. I think I had always wanted to wear dungarees but put them off. Well 2016 has been the year of the dungaree. If you haven’t tried them then I suggest that this year you make it your mission to try a pair, you will not regret it !!

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I know it was only in my last favourites BUT, I cannot tell you how much I have loved this as a respite from all my uni deadlines last month. If you want to start something new this year then I cant recommend it enough.

Get it here

Jo Malone Wood Sage and Seasalt

I went through a bottle of this over spring and summer. Its such a light and fresh scent it was my go to last year. I love the way you can layer and play with Jo Malone’s scents to make an almost custom fragrance. So I highly recommend you pop to a Jo Malone if you fancy a new scent.

Get it here

Micellar Water

I have really enjoyed switching up my skincare this year, and I know that I am so late to the party with this one, but there you have it. 2017 will be the year where all I do is recommend this to everyone…

Get it here

Beats Solo Headphones

The best thing I have ever had. Bluetooth headphones changed my life, going cable-less is the best thing ever. They also look so smart and the sound quality is amazing. If you have some Christmas money and you are not sure what to spend it on, then maybe these might the things for you.

Get them here

Gucci Sunglasses

These have been the pair of sunglasses I have reached for the most. They are quite a bold statement for some, but for me they are a neutral. I love how they pull any outfit together and also hide my tired eyes. A win win for me.

Get similar here

Bridget Jones’ Baby

The most anticipated film of the year, was not a disappointment for me this year. I loved this film so much, and cannot wait for the DVD later this month.

Preorder it here


This is a favourite out of necessity, I have dry lips and this is the one product I have been reaching for over 2016.

Get it here

Zatchels Tote

The bag I have gone too nearly everyday since September. This bag is such a great size, it fits my Mac, a lunch and all my other rubbish. This bag is so durable and goes with a lot of the colours that I wear. A firm favourite !!

Get it here

Leopard Print

I just want to shoutout to leopard print, all the outfits that I have worn this past year so many have featured some leopard print. I do love it so much.

Finally the thing that I have loved the most this year is my blog. It is so rewarding to explore and create the things that I love. In just over 4 months my readership and views has increased beyond my expectations, and in places that I wouldn’t expect- shout out to Saint Petersburg. I am very excited to bring you more exciting and inspiring posts this year so stick around for some good stuff…

I would like to thank you all for your readership in 2016, and I cant wait to show you all more great content this year !!

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