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2017 Favourites

Hello and welcome to the last post of 2017. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, full of love and joy. It seems appropriate that the last time I speak to you this year is to talk you through my 2017 favourites. It has been a full on year and I have a full 12 months of things to pick my top faves


Chanel Nail Polishes

If you have read any of my favourites this year you will have seen that I have pretty much exclusively worn these nail polishes. They are expensive, and perhaps some of this is due to the packaging. However, having used these polishes a lot I can tell you they are worth the £20 price tag. The formula is super shiny, durable and easily removed without staining. I would say that so far these are the best polishes that I have tried thus far- a must for me.

Get them here

Charlotte Tilbury MULTI-MIRACLE GLOW

I tried this product back in November. The only reason that it came second was the price, but I honestly adored using this product. Even with the £45 price tag when I finish this, I may buy it again. To see more of my thoughts read that post here.

Get it here

Chanel No5 L’eau

As you all know by now I am addicted to perfume, I wear it every day. This has been one of my go-to scents for over half the year. I love the distinct No5 smell with is balanced by a lighter brighter note of something floral and fruity. As with all scents, it smells really different on individuals, but I cannot get enough. To see more about picking perfumes click here.

Get it here

Aloe Vera Gel

Hands down one of the most useful products you can buy. It fixes dry skin, it cools and soothes burns, reduces redness and smells like summer. This was a vital aid during my acne treatment and I highly recommend you try this.

Get it here

Micellar Water

Probably the most used product on this list, without fail use this twice a day. Such an effective yet gentle cleanser.

Get it here

Jo Malone Velvet Rose and Oud

I adore this perfume, it is an addictive and warm scent. Whenever I wear it somebody always compliments my fragrance and wants to know what I am wearing. Hands down one of the best perfumes around.

Get it here


Dr. Martens Loafers

Sometimes when I buy shoes, they either linger in their box for longer than necessary or they are straight on to my feet. These shoes have never returned to their box. They are so comfy and versatile, a go to. These are actually the second black pair, not because they don’t last but because I covered them with light-sensitive chemicals whilst Screen-printing at University this term so I replaced them, I also picked them up in red because these loafers are still on sale and they let you have student discount on top of their sale prices, what a great deal.

See one of my favourite looks with them here

Get them in black here

and in red here

Princess Peach Backpack

When it comes to practicality, nothing can touch this backpack. I use it so often and it really does the job well, what more can I say.

Get it here

Khaki Vans

Again another pair that of shoes that have hardly been off my feet. Trusty and stylish these vans are so versatile and reliable.

See one of my favourite looks with them here

Get them here

Tom Ford Sunglasses

A very generous birthday gift, these sunglasses have been a firm favourite. They are very different from other sunglasses in my collection and thus have been the perfect addition to compliment my looks.

See one of my favourite looks with them here

Get them here

McQueen Trainers

These were a very generous gift to me, but if you can’t treat yourself who can you treat? Admittedly these did take a while to get comfortable, but they were worth it. Sometimes when you spend a little more you notice the difference in the quality and find that you return to them over and over again - which is exactly what I have done.

See one of my favourite looks with them here

Get them here


Man Repeller

I would say that I check Man Repeller once a day for a unique and hilarious take on the world that I don’t think exists on many other websites. My personal highlights include any of the incredible email shopping list posts and the incredible and perhaps slightly whimsical Horoscopes. So funny, so fashionable, get into it.

Read it HERE

Yorkshire Decaf Tea

It would be impossible for me to function without tea all day long, but it would also be impossible to function with that much caffeine. So the solution DECAF, of course, hands down the best invention ever, all the tea taste, none of the sleep disrupted. Although it is double the price, I cannot put a price on sleep.

Get it here

Jules and Sarah the Podcast

One of the few podcasts that I religiously listen to. SO funny, SO heartwarming and SO genuine. Jules and Sarah are such lovely people and have a hilarious relationship. I also had the privilege of attending the first live podcast back in September which was such a thrill.

Listen here

Girls on Film

This must be one of my favourite features that I introduced this year. I love that once a month I get to bring you a different viewpoint, which adds depth and interest to my website. I hope you all love them as much as I do.

Go and read all of them here

Translated with Ben and Jamie

Last but by no means least, although this came at the end of the year I am in LOVE with the podcast that Jamie and myself have created, and we adore the feedback that we have been getting from you. We adore recording the podcasts, and have so much fun coming up with content that we think you will love, and we hope you enjoy the hilarity and random nature of Translated. Get in touch with us, and we will mention you in the podcast !!

Listen here

THANK YOU, all for joining me today, and for joining me in 2017 !!. My schedule is back to normal now, so I will return on Tuesday the 2nd of January, have a wonderful New year Celebration.


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