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Ben Tries: TEA ...

If 2016 was the year for Kylie Jenner to realise things then 2017 is the year for me to try new things. So welcome to a new category for my blog: Ben Tries. I am a very habitual and find myself reaching for the same thing over and over again, so over the course of the posts I want to broaden my horizons and quite possibly yours as well.

Todays post and the first in this category I thought I would start with a long held passion of mine: TEA !! I have selected 4 types of tea to try against my current tea of choice Yorkshire tea. I will taste all the teas and compare them before deciding on a winner.

A classic tea, what most people think of when you say english breakfast tea. I cannot fault this, as you can see it makes me pretty happy too.

Lemon Tea | Lift

Next is a powdered instant tea which is caffeine free, and lemon flavoured. In terms of making, its crazy easy you just need boiling water and you are done. Taste wise, I’m not a huge fan of lemon- so probably not the tea for me- but it tasted fine to me. Which means if you like lemon then this could be the tea for you !!

Earl Grey and Cherry Loose Tea | Hebden Tea

This tea is blended in York. Its a loose earl grey blended with cherry. Its a loose tea, so I have it in a diffuser from Ikea. So in terms of making it it takes a little longer and you need a few things. Also it takes a little time to diffuse. The taste is quite floral with strong tea at the back. Trying it- its a no from me. I really didn’t like the natural taste. However I would imagine if you are into natural teas then this could be the one for you.

Spiced Apple Tea | Taylors

A bagged tea so it is nice and easy to make. However this is where the fun ends, I did not like this tea. The taste was very spiced strong tea which sort of hit the back of my throat and took any joy away from the taste. I am not a fan of the taste, it was very strong. I think the spices of this tea overpower the taste so much. NOT A FAN.

Mango and Passion Fruit Instant Tea | Whittard

Another instant tea, and so again easy to make. No caffeine but so full of taste. The taste was really fruity and refreshing. I really liked this one. Its is not the cheapest or easiest to track down- but available online. These can be served hot or cold so also make great iced tea too. I am a big fan of this one and would highly recommend it.

So there you have it 4 new teas tried and experienced. Do I have a clear winner, well I do- with no surprises its Yorkshire Tea !! However the Mango and Passion Fruit Tea comes in a firm second with the rest being rather left behind. I really enjoyed trying something different even if rather tentatively !! I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you would like me to try and I will see you all soon !!


Photography by Rachel Pechey and Myself

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