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Ben Tries: Dip

Hi darling and welcome back to Ben Tries on my blog. Today as you might have guessed from the title, I am going to be trying dips. I a not a massive fan of savoury flavours so this Ben try is actually a little bit daunting. I have roped in my favourite helper du jour, Rachel, to help me wade through all these flavours. I hope you enjoy this post, so let's get tasting.

Oh and because we are not monsters we are trying these dips with M&S Best Italian Breadsticks, which offer the perfect medium for dip sampling.

Humous with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is a classic humous made of Chickpeas, with extra olive oil. Now I thought I liked humous, but I have only had it with Green Pesto in it -which is incredible, thank you, Poppy and Claudia, for sharing this with me- however, today’s humous did not fare so well.

Ben: I really didn’t like the flavour of this humous, it was really bland.

Rachel: I also like humous, and I didn’t really enjoy this

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Beetroot and Mint Dip

This is a mix of Beetroot, chickpeas and Mint.

Ben: This is one of the ones that I am really scared of. However, it is really nice, refreshing and sweet, with a nice mint tang.

Rachel: Not as bad as I thought either, actually okay.


Marinated Cod Roe and Lemon - I mean, yes sure, okay,YUM.

Ben: VERY strong fish taste, its okay…

Rachel: I hate fish, this is really not for me. No, No, Definitely not.

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Sour Cream and Chive Dip

A classic dip that everyone loves, right?

Ben: Very Tasty, a bit plain for me - maybe not the nicest version of this.

Rachel: You cannot go wrong with this, so lovely.


Greek yoghurt, cucumber, garlic and olive oil- why not??

Ben: Very minty, almost too much. It doesn’t leave a nasty taste, so it is okay.


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So 5 dips tested and I am not sure that the winner is that obvious. Both of us will rank today's contenders because we had quite different opinions.

Rachel; In fifth place is Taramasalata- fish will always be a no. Fourth goes to Tzatziki- too much mint. Third place is Humous- not tasty enough. Second goes to Beetroot and Mint - oddly tasty. First place goes to Sour Cream and Chive- this is the perfect dip, I cannot get enough of it.

Ben; In fifth place is Tzatziki- I really don’t like the combination of all the flavours. Fourth goes to Taramasalata- the fish was really strong. Third place is Humous- it needed green pesto, which is my fault! Second goes to Sour Cream and Chive - not the tastiest but beats the others hands down. First place goes to Beetroot and Mint- I am so pleasantly surprised by this dip, really nice.

Thank you so much for joining me and Rachel today, I look forward to seeing you again soon…

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