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I want to smell like you 2...

I love scent, as I’ve mentioned before; I don’t see scent as a luxury, but as an essential. The fragrance in question is Stella McCartney Pop.

Lets talk firstly about that packaging. Stella has outdone herself. This is so unique, I love that there is no lid to take off, which means there is no lid to loose, which is my clumsiness’ idea of heaven. I like its cute size but it is just as sweet in the larger sizes.

Okay we need to talk about the scent itself, what does it actually smell like?? Well I will do my best to explain. Stella herself sates that the main fragrances are Tuberose and Sandalwood. I love it, starting out with light bright florals which mellow to a deep richness. It has such a unique smell that I cannot get enough of.

This also came with a rollerball which is so nice to freshen up your scent through the day- this was a LIFESAVER at Fashion Week !!

You don’t seem to be able to get this separately in the UK, however if you are in the US or Canada you can in Sephora. When I run out I am happy to buy the gift set again so that I can get both. I cannot recommend this scent enough...

Get it here

See you all soon...

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